Six Word Story

Sorry for partially bombarding you with six word stories: I’ve had a random motivation to write them recently. I hope you don’t mind, and new readers please be patient as this is not all I do XD. This one seems relatable:

They grinned but then they frowned


You and I, View | Poem By Nour Lee

This post has been produced for you by fellow blogger Nour Lee. We have been working in collaboration with each other, on the topic of poems. I have written a post for her blog also, it would be appreciated if you checked that out: and whilst your their, go and follow! This poem really stood out to me, I love it to bits. Ironically, the topic is love also.
Don’t be that way.
I hate the way you think
So realistically
Live a fairy dream

Six Word Story

In a future post, I will put all my six word stories together because I realise they are creating another story of their own.

Blood pulsating out of her ears