Mid-Week Thoughts | The Sad Truth of Blogging

It’s no lie that people in the blogging community don’t read posts start to finish. I know that I am not always alert when I’m scrolling through blog posts of an evening, usually reading through closed lids. Sometimes it can be really hard to read and comment on all of the posts in your inbox, especially when people upload so often. I don’t blame you for being more responsive on my Six Word Stories than any other posts that I write. From the writer’s perspective it can be very disheartening though. You spend so much time writing a post and no-one on the other end is bothered to read it. Of course there are a few of you that do care, and I hope you know that you are appreciated very much! Coming across a thoughtful comment is very rare. So, to be that light in someone else’s comments section, I plan to spend more time reading and replying to your hard work in the future! Sometimes I take this lovely community for granted, or concentrate too hard on making content. People can take pay too much attention to statistics and ignore the fact that there are people behind these screens. I am guilty of that, but now that I have sentenced myself I feel like I can do better in the future!

Sorry for the moan, but I thought it was worth bringing to light. Please share a nice comment on someone’s blog post today. It makes us all (referring to bloggers) very, very happy!

Hope you are all having a good week,

erin x