The Book Thief | Nazi Germany & Beautiful Poetry

This time last week I was thoroughly enjoying The Book Thief. It is one of the best books I have read in a while, purely for the poetry. Every single sentence held lots of meaning so I would love to study this book at a later date.


Markus Zusak was very clever when he chose to have the book narrated by Death. Not many people could pull this off, but it was perfect. I have not done many English Language studies in a while but this book feeded that hunger!


“It kills me sometimes, how people die”

I’ve not written poetry in a while. Though this book didn’t inspire me to, it certainly made me appreciate the art of it.

The characters were very lovable and Max’s story was heart-breaking. I would love to watch the film because the visualisation (as I can see from the trailer) is very accurate. With most book-film conversions, I imagine the characters completely differently to how I pictured them in the book.


This is a book I would love to read again, though I do not have copy of it. I borrowed from a friend (saving my bank account and the environment). I would recommend you do the same, it’s very convenient!

After reading this book, I hit a slump. I went into Pride and Prejudice with very high expectations and didn’t get what I was hoping from the novel. I then moved on to The Secret Barrister. It’s very informative but I can’t read it in large chunks! Now I am slightly recovered, because I am reading a dystopian fiction called Six of Crows (you may have heard of it).

Please recommend me some more of this author, I loved this book ever so much!

What are you reading at the moment?




Bookish Rambles | Mini Reviews on Suffragette Books, Romance and YA Novels

I’m sitting here wondering what books to review… I’ve read so many this year!

Hello, welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m going to pick a book I’ve read this past fortnight and review it! In two weeks I’ve read this many books:

Shell – Paula Rawsthorne

This books was so much better than expected! From the blurb I was expecting it to be sci- fi, but it was sort of believable. Set last year, it was based on a girl whose brain was transplanted into another body. Later in the book you understood how the body was donated, or stolen. The main protagonist: Lucy, was trying to discover who she was and whose body she was living in. Lucy had to go under Fake ID and she found it hard that her family thought she was dead. I don’t want to spoil it for you because the suspense is the most enjoyable part! Surprisingly, it was in the Younger Teen section and I enjoyed more than most ‘older teen’ books I’ve read this year.

A Very Large Expanse Of Sea – Tahereh Mafi

After studying ‘Out Of The Blue’ (a poem based on 9/11) I though this book would be a great read. Though it doesn’t focus much on the events of September 11th, it did show the discrimination a Muslim girl had to face. It was written in the perspective of Shirin who wore a Hijjab and kept getting told to ‘take it off to make less trouble for yourself’. It was a romance (which is a genre I can’t get away from 😂) but nonetheless, still a good one!

The Upside Of Unrequited

This book didn’t interest me at all, though I still decided to finish it. It focused on a girl who couldn’t find a boyfriend and felt pressured by her twin sisterwho ‘had it all’. By the end of the book she found someone. Hip hip horray. The plot wasn’t interesting and just generally boring and stereotypical…

I don’t like moaning at books because they are my favourite thing in the world, though we do find bad ones sometimes…

Things A Bright Girl Can Do

This one might just be my favourite this year! It had a good balance of romance and action, with the narrator switching between three girls lives. All of whom were suffragettes or suffragists (the difference is suffragists aren’t violent when they protest, they wrote letters to authorities rather than jumping in front of horses!)

If any of you like a historical novel, this is for you. It was actually based on real events which I didn’t know until the end!

And here I end the post! I hope you enjoyed my mini reviews of books, I certainly enjoy doing it. Have you read any of the books I have mentioned? Do you think will check any out?

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Book Reviews: The Fault In Our Stars, Blood Red Road

Hello, welcome back to my blog!

If you have been keeping up with my Goodreads, you will be aware that I have recently finished Blood Red Road and The Fault In Our Stars. Today, I would like to share with you my opinions on both of these books and why you should read them.

Blood Red Road

It took me a few chapters to really get interested in this book. The middle to the end of this book were the most exciting. The book was written in the perspective of Saba (the main protagonist). It was set in a dystopian and futuristic world where, of course, there is little education. The writer used abbreviations and misspelling of words to make the reader believe it was written, genuinely, by Saba. I thought this was a really interesting technique! However, at some points, the paragraphs did loose flow.

Yet, the story was interesting. The plot took the right amount of twists and turns to keep it interesting. I would recommend this book to any Hunger Games fans, if you are a quick reader. It isn’t my favourite book in the world. However, I am glad I read it because the characters were interesting and relatable.

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