Llandudno Travel Diary | Book Shopping, Donuts & Great Views


5th August 2019

My second time going to Llandudno this year was better than the first. It was incredibly sunny in Wales, while at home the heavens had opened. I arrived in Llandudno around midday and had such a lovely time.

The first place we (family and friends) went was a cafe to have some lunch. We sat outside on some decking and the seagulls didn’t take any chips. The food was lovely but I was too hungry to take photos beforehand! 

Next stop: the beach. We spent most of the afternoon flying kites and playing boules. We had a few games of cricket and I nearly broke my ribs laughing! It wasn’t too hot, nor was the sand too irritating. I dipped my feet in the sea and enjoyed an ice-cream. After enjoying a lovely afternoon, it was time for some fish and chips. We couldn’t go to the seaside without going to the pier, either. The arcade was lots of fun and I won lots of trash. 



This photo is on a bit of a slant, please forgive me


We got back to the hostel at 22:30 that night, after sitting by the sea in pitch-black. The hostel was really cosy and we played some card games before going to sleep. 

6th August 2019

I was rudely awakened that morning by my brother’s snores. Breakfast was early and we were packed and out of the room by 10:00. We walked around town and stopped off at the church for some knitting. It was relaxing and fun, especially with it being so quiet. 


I found some Cassandra Clare books in a “Bargain Books” bookshop. Unfortunately they didn’t have the first one! I also went book shopping in Waterstones (it wasn’t really shopping because I used a voucher) and the YA section was beautiful! I now have A Court Of Thorns And Roses in my possession and I hope that I like it. 


I love the editions where the spines create images

After a bit more browsing, we went up the Great Orme on the tram. Last time I walked up, though my friend hadn’t been to Wales before so she needed the full experience. There was a really nice café at the top and I fattened myself with a cheese and onion pasty. I was so windy at the top and I have great photos of my hair whipping around. For anonymity reasons, I will not share those with you. Just imagine beachy waves… but beachier XD


We revisited the pier and had a weird encounter with a school friend and some donuts. My last hour in Llandudno was greatly enjoyed.


We went headed home at 16:00 and my friend was knitting all the way back. It was a fun experience and we have more inside jokes now than ever before. 

Where have you been recently? Have you visited Wales? 




August Bullet-Journal Set-Up 2019

This is my all-time favourite post to write for this blog. Bullet-journalling was something I was introduced to at the start of the year and I am completely obsessed! I’ve managed to be more productive and my days have been so much more full. It’s crazy the amount you can do in 24 hours!

This monthly spread is a little more artsy than my previous set-ups. As you can see, my main inspiration was lemons. It’s a very summery fruit, and yellow is a beautiful summery colour! 810a750b-fb7f-4374-bfa5-4b1f442ff5a0

As per usual, I like to keep it simple. This month needed even less planning than usual because I have no school and a lot of time away from home. I even thought of moving back to only posting twice a week. I will really have to push myself! I’m up for the challenge, but I don’t want to be hard on myself when I don’t get a post up in time.


These pens are cheap children’s ones and have lasted me a while. They are, as expected, not the best quality but they do well just to journal with! This lemon is left over from my lemonade making the other day 🙂


The sun came out for this photo!

Those long lines represent the time I will be out of the house and, in some cases, the country. The habit trackers have not showed up too well, but I will explain how they work. First of all, I write a goal that I want to achieve. This month’s goals are:

  • practise cello every day
  • improve my piano skills
  • read more than I did last month
  • spend less time on my phone (I’m getting really good at this one, less than 45 minutes every day!)
  • spend less time on my iPad (where I work from or watch videos)

For example, if I practise my cello, I would colour in the day’s corresponding square. By the end of the month, I will aim to have coloured every square in!


In the bottom right-hand corner, I have an expense tracker and a to-do list. I do not spend much money on things that aren’t necessary (books, sweets) so this is only small but august is my birthday month and many of my friend’s. It can be quite expensive, but that just means I will have to spend less on myself (aka lots of sugar) and more on other people.

My to-do list also looks tiny but I always have enough space! My weekly spreads are where I write the day-to-day tasks.

Do you keep a bullet journal? What advantages does it give you (opposed to a regular journal)?

I hope you have a great month, whatever you are up to!





What I’m Up To This Summer | Ft. A Lot Of Rambling

It’s now official, I’ve ended school for the summer! I would like to share with you some plans I have for the future of this blog, my plans for the holidays and other random things you need to know.


This summer I’ll be redesigning my blog. There will be no change to the name or site address, though the layout with go through a few rearrangements. This is due to my post topics changing. I used to blog all about philosophy and poems. There will still be some of that, but less often. I feel like voicing my opinions takes a lot to try and make it less controversial. I don’t like creating drama!

Most readers are aware that I am now blogging more about books and travel. This topic has reached a broader audience and I’ve made some really good blogging friends through the subject.

Another thing I would like to cover in this post is Bookstagram. I’m not sure how I feel about restarting my Instagram feed because I have some really successful posts. What I may do is private my account for a week whilst I create a new theme and start posting. I currently have lots of landscapes in my feed and I wonder if I should post them just on my blog, and not through another platform. I’ve experimented with bookstagram this past month and the community is so lovely! I do not want to give it up but I do need some more practise.

I find it hard to keep up with my story sometimes, though. Some days I have a lot to show but some days I have nothing. This means I have lack of engagement. Though statistics don’t bother me, I love reaching out to other people.

Edit: my Bookstagram is up and running! I have a new theme that I have been posting to every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


  • At the end of July I will be going on camp with my Scout group. This camp lasts for a week.
  • I’ll also be going to Llandudno again. I went earlier in the year and I have a record of it here!
  • In August I will be going to Menorca, and island at the south of Spain.

All of my travel will be recorded and posted on this blog a couple of weeks after the trip 😊 I’m looking forward to be writing a travel diary again. I haven’t travelled much in this last month so there have been no records for a while…


I haven’t set any book reading goals for the holidays though I have nearly reached my yearly target! I set a goal of fifty books and never knew I’d get quite so far through it. This year has sparked a new motivation for reading a lot more!

My Bucketlist

I have a post for my bucket list here and am hoping to achieve most of them. It would be really rewarding to have them all ticked off by the end of August!

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