Bookish Rambles | Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn

Hello! Welcome back to my blog.

It’s been a while since the last ‘Bookish Rambles’. You are in need of an update!You may be aware of my recent reads, from my Instagram story. So, let’s talk about the Twilight saga: the books, films and which are better (the books, obviously, that’s no surprise 😂). It took me under a month to read them all. From the middle of May until the 5th June. Considering all of them are over 300 pages (with one 700 pages) I think is an achievement. However, I do get through books rapidly!

It was the other night when I watched all the films with my best friend. I always try to read the books prior to the films, and I do keep quite strictly to that rule.

Anyways, Twilight (book one)

The first book was really good to did my teeth into. I think it took less than three days to read it. It was a great introduction to the characters, accompanied by a bit of action. I love looking back to this book, and how far Bella and Edward progressed with their relationship (no spoilers!).

A character I really love is Alice. I could imagine her a great mother, though she sadly won’t get that chance 😓. I grew quite attached to her, so anything that put her in danger made me anxious.

To begin with, I didn’t like Jacob. I thought he was selfish and ignorant – though the last book and film changed my opinion. Though, I still don’t forgive him for showing off in front of Edward and pining after Bella. She really did not need that drama in her (already complicated) life!

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