Monthly Playlist | June (Collaboration With Maryam @ infinitelyadaydreamer)

Despite playing the cello, I am obsessed with Indie Rock music. You would expect a classical instrumentalist to enjoy the likes of Beethoven but my favourite bands are Arctic Monkeys and The Vaccines. Today I am sharing with you my favourite modern Indie tunes which I have been listening to this month!

This post has been written in collaboration with my blogging friend, Maryam. The posts on infinitelyadaydreamer consist of thoughtful articles on social problem/debates, very aesthetic lifestyle posts and weekly motivation! I hope you can go and check out the music post she wrote on her blog.

Now, let’s get in with the playlist!

Holy Mountain [Explicit] – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

I didn’t have very high expectations for this album. Nothing can beat the original Oasis, but Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds are so good!

Are You Gonna Be My Girl – Jet

Let us just appreciate the guitar skills in this song 👏

Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis

*starts bouncing up and down on the bed* I love the vocals in this. It’s a proper ‘band’ song, if you get what I mean?

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You and I, View | Poem By Nour Lee

This post has been produced for you by fellow blogger Nour Lee. We have been working in collaboration with each other, on the topic of poems. I have written a post for her blog also, it would be appreciated if you checked that out: and whilst your their, go and follow! This poem really stood out to me, I love it to bits. Ironically, the topic is love also.
Don’t be that way.
I hate the way you think
So realistically
Live a fairy dream

Thoughtful Q&A With Gracie Chick | Collaboration

This is a collaboration of two halves! To see the second half, go and check out Gracie’s blog where I answered her questions.

Do you think the weather influences your mood?

Maybe. I tend to find the weather inspiring in whatever form it decides to take. I like to dance in the rain and, for some reason, sad poetry always flows easier when the skies are grey. Equally, I love the sunshine and the atmosphere it creates or the energy and adrenaline of a storm. So yes, to a certain extent, it does.

How do you cope when you don’t feel motivated but need to do work?

I think of my future and dream of boats; I’m assuming most of you don’t have a passion for sailing vessels, so just compare it to your own dreams/goals and how much you want to achieve them. I think of how much I love being at sea, how much I want to make a difference in the lives of young people and how everything I do builds towards those things being a part of my future. I tell myself that it is my responsibility to make that a reality. Also, I find putting music on really helps with motivation and morale.

Forms of relaxation?

For me, writing is the ultimate relaxation. There’s often so much going on up here *points at head* that I find it hard to process it all, all of the time. Words are what come naturally to me and just to let it all flow out is the most relaxing and satisfying feeling. The emotions, thoughts and ideas that were so overwhelming inside my head suddenly feel like they’re something I can manage.

Any weird notions you have not written down yet:

Um, weird notions are my thing, people. I am the absoulute queen of out-of-the-ordinary notions. So the other day I was wondering whether snow is water in a different form or whether it’s a different ‘thing’ entirely? *shrugs*

Also, I just know this is gonna sound really weird, but here goes anyway… when I’m out in public I often feel like an observer, or a character in a story, where I see people and I see their lives, I see strangers – I see a snapshot of them – and that is literally the only time I will see that human being in my life again. There are lives and stories behind that few seconds you interact with them. You never see that backstory. I find that sad for some reason.

*hides* anytime you need more weird notions you know where I am!

When did you last look in the mirror? Do you think that you concentrate on how others perceive you too much? (that’s two questions in one, but oh well)

Probably not that long ago. I’m going to be honest, I’ve never cared all that much what I look like, you’ll usually find me chilling in a hoodie and jeans or my beloved dungarees, but I’m a teenage girl and like any other; I’m quick to note my imperfections. I might act like I don’t care and to be honest, I don’t really, but that spot on my cheek… wonky ponytail… it’s so easy to find faults. I know how much of an issue body positivity – or the lack of it – is in my generation, but I want to show other teens that we’re all in the same boat. If we stand together and all change our attitudes towards and each other, we can make a massive difference.

More About The Author

Gracie Chick

Gracie and I have been working on this collaboration since the start of February. It’s been a joy to work with one another and I’m so happy that the writing came together so quickly! I have been reading A Light In The Darkness since last year, and every time a notification popped up for a new post of her’s, I was soon to read it. I hope you enjoy Gracie’s blog as much as I do!

Can Something Come From Nothing? | Collaboration With Luna’s Lament

Hello Internet!

My good friend, Luna, made an input on my recent philosophy post. I thought it would be a lovely idea to collaborate and so far it has been a wonderful process! We both have massively differentiated opinions on this topic, and I found it very intriguing to write and read! make sure to stick to the end.

Can Something Come From Nothing? – Part One

Hello, my name is Luna, your author and for today’s post I am doing a collaboration with my good friend Erin on philosophy! To understand this post, please go back and read Erin’s previous post titled ‘Can Something Come From Nothing?’ I hope you enjoy our collaboration.

Ok, sooooooooooooo… I guess first I should mention that I have been a Christian my entire life. I’m not really sure what you believe in, or maybe you don’t believe in anything, everyone has to make that choice on their own. So, I guess, if you want answers on the universe from my view, just keep in mind that this is what I personally believe and I don’t want to offend anyone in any way.

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Q and A (With Noel White)

Hello Internet!

I have been promising a Q and A for a while now so I thought, why not collaborate on it? Blogger ‘Just Another Neflibata’ (also know as Noel White) is kindly letting me collaborate with her on this question and answer post. Noel and I have been emailing each-other for a while now and it feels like I’ve made a really good friend, just chatting casually like we’re sitting right in front of each-other.

The way we’d decided to do this is that we will ask each other five questions and answered all of them. I hope you enjoy reading these different opinions!

  • What inspired you to start your blog?

Erin: I have always written stories and sometimes a bit of journalism and I found that a blog would be a lovely way to spill my ideas and mix up both of my hobbies, photography and writing.

Noel: I’ve always wanted to blog, and I love taking photos and writing so it seemed like a good option. I really just want to inspire people to live a life worth living.

  • What is your favorite genre of music?

Erin: I have a bit of a mix up! I love Pop music and a bit of rock ’n’ roll but I also love country music so I’m kind of stuck to answer this question!

Noel: I can’t choose!!! When I’m studying or doing school I usually listen to contemporary classical music, and when I’m working out i listen to modern pop and maybe some rock and roll… I really just like music that makes you feel something.

  • What inspires you to write on your blog?

Erin: My environment, the people and nature around inspire’s me, not only to write but to take great appreciation of everything around me and, like Noel, I know that it’s actually making an impact on other people.

Noel: I think that part of it is my amazing followers. I love watching the number ticking up, and thinking, like, “Wow. What I’m writing actually has an impact on people, and its making a difference”

  • If you could give one piece of advice to the whole world, what would it be?

Erin: Love and good beats hate any day. To see that so many people hate each other and want war is just horrific, even just a slight angry glance at someone in school or work is terrible.

Noel: Love. There’s so much going on in our world today and I think that humanity has kind of lost sight of what love really is. It’s not some emotion that makes you go all crazy, it’s a choice. And just because we don’t agree with people doesn’t mean that we don’t think that they’re an amazing person. We can love a person without agreeing with their life choices.

  • What do you want to be when you grow up?

Erin: My dream job would be an author/illustrator. I love creating art and drawing and painting. I also love writing and photography so a job like that would really suit my creative personality.

Noel: My dream job is a part-time author, part time mom, and maybe teaching a little in between.

  • If you weren’t human, which animal would you be?

Erin: I’d probably be a dog. Loyal and energetic but sometimes lazy!

Noel: I don’t know… At first I was thinking a deer, but now I’m thinking I’d like to be either a bird or a dolphin. I really don’t know. 😂

  • Which song are you listening to the most?

Erin: I think I’ve been listening to Ed Sheeran a lot and even some classic One Direction! The song I’ve been listening to the most though is “Confident” by Demi Lovato.

Noel: Again, I have to choose one? I’ve loved listening to Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation, but I guess I’ve also been listening to Hello by Adele on repeat.

  • Which is one (new year’s) resolution you’ve never solved?

Erin: Self-confidence. You may not think it but in the real world I’m really shy and always compare myself to others. It’s very hard to get over this phase so I’d really like some tips!

Noel: Well I just wrote a post on New Year’s Resolutions! But I guess one of my New Year’s resolutions that has never been solved is the one where I’m way outgoing and courageous. I always let my fears control who I am, and especially this year I’ve been trying to change that.

  • Are you always on your phone?

Erin: No, I’m always crafting and drawing although I go on my phone every to set alarms, keep on top of my email inbox and keep up to date in the blogging and social media.

Noel: I wouldn’t say always. I do have a lot of long distance friends that I try to keep in touch with, but I also try to live in the real world.

  • Which is one bad habit of yours?

Erin: I guess the isn’t a bad habit but I do not have a great sense of style! At the moment I’m wearing a chunky knit jumper with black leggings. I know right?

Noel: And here, folks, is the serious question. Like I said before I really let my fear dictate my choices in life and I’m trying to change that, but also I sometimes let what I want to do get in front of my better judgement. Like recently I’ve gotten a serious shoulder injury during competitive swimming, and the reason why it is so serious is because I didn’t take care of it when it first started getting bad.

Sorry that I’ve not posted in a while but this is what I’ve been waiting for! Please follow Noel’s blog here.

Happy New Year to all!

Erin, xx