Going To A Cat Café (Plus Other Things) | Liverpool Travel Diary

It should come as no surprise that I went to Liverpool… again 😂 Today I’ll be recording 26-27th April in a little travel diary for you! I took a lot more photos than I usually do, so you’re in for a treat.

As soon as we (we meaning my dad, mum and brother) arrived, we were soon to get to the Mersey Ferries office. We booked a trip that included a visit to Spaceport, the U-Boat story and a commentated ferry around the River Mersey. This excursion took up most of the day’s hours, but it was so worth it! I loved every bit of it, and I managed to read all the information on the signs (usually that doesn’t happen 😂) .

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Fish Tram Chips | Travel Diary & Review

Yes, another one! I did tell you in my previous post that we had many cafe pittstops. I couldn’t possibly go to the seaside without getting fish and chips. We can find them in land and across the country but there’s nothing better than when you are next to the sea!

This particular cafe is called Fish Tram Chips because it is next to the tram which takes you up to the Great Orme (I will talk about the Orme in a later blog post).


I hope it doesn’t come as a surprise to you that I ordered fish and chips! There was a beefy menu but I wanted to go for the original.

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Café & Culture | Travel Diary & Review


If you have been keeping up with my Instagram then you will be aware of my visit to Llandudno, Wales from the 15th-16th April 2019. I must admit, I have been very productive and have scheduled up until the middle of May (though it is only the 18th April). Sorry for the lateness of this post but I hope you enjoy it, all the same.

When we arrived in Llandudno this was the first place we went to. We had quite a few pitstops at cafés! It was very cosy and had a retro vibe which, of course, pleased me very much.


I didn’t take the best photos due to my fear of being noticed, and weirdly stared at.

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