Shatter Me | Book Review ft. Unpopular Opinions


If you loved this series then I don’t mean to offend you. I would just like to share my critical opinions on the first book, though I will give the rest a try!

I don’t know whether to hate or love Shatter Me. It was a very stereotypical dystopia and the romance wasn’t all that special. I would have loved to see the love interest being a female because that would make the pair more criminal (obviously this world has rusty opinions, especially on same-sex relationships). It followed a pretty basic plot (beginning, climax, resolution, end) and there were no plot-twists which was really disappointing. Imagine if Adam had just escaped with Juliette and then killed her or shared her secrets to the Reestablishment? I would’ve loved to see some betrayal because it would make me feel more emotions towards the book.

Mafi wanted to expose her read­ers to the mind of a girl whose san­ity is frag­ile. I think that the contents of a trou­bled mind would result in more than artistic metaphors and a crazy obsession with num­bers. Despite the fact that Juliette’s back­story is inter­est­ing, we don’t get anything interesting in her present self. I hate seeing the same cookie-cutter ‘hero­ine’ that can be seen in most YA novels. At this point, I have read so many books that my expectations keep getting higher. I am becoming more critical of what I read and, to a certain extent, it’s quite annoying. Why do I have to keep correcting or thinking about the character development and plot? Why can’t I just sit down and read a book without judging it?

I’m seeing a lot of repetition in Young Adult Literature. It’s rare that I find a unique book within all of the shelves. Exploring new genres is always fun because you can’t compare it to other books within that genre. My problem with reading Shatter Me was that I was comparing it to Delirium. I read Delirium earlier this year when I first got into reading and I really enjoyed it. 

I didn’t find the writing style annoying at all, and it showed Juliette’s development and she stopped crossing out words towards the end of the book. Although Juliette is really troubled and she shouldn’t be creating such weird metaphors, I did like them. 

If you want to read this because of it’s dystopian value, please don’t. Go and find another dystopian YA novel with better plot and characters. As I have mentioned, it’s a very stereotypical world with a dictatorship, poverty and a crumbling planet. 

This book is a full-on romance with a happily ever after. Sometimes I like a bit of soppiness but 300 pages worth is just cringe. I will give the rest of the books a chance though. Some series get better as they go on!

Do you enjoy dystopian novels? Have you read Shatter Me? 

Please share your love or hate for this series in the comments below. I would love to have a full-on discussion about it!


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Turtles All The Way Down | Anxiety, OCD & Book Review


I’ve just finished another John Green book!

I didn’t read the synopsis of Turtles All the Way Down before going into it. I’ve never done this with a book before, but I quite enjoyed being blind. From the first few pages, I gathered that the main protagonist suffered from severe anxiety and OCD. Though I do not understand the conditions much, the book explained as much as I needed to know. This book brings awareness to mental health conditions without glamourising it. The story is told from the standpoint of Aza, an anxious teenager. Lots of people on social media these days talk about their ‘anxiety’. I understand that some people use the platform to express their problems, but sometimes it’s just a self-diagnosis. I think it is very offensive to claim you have a disorder when you don’t. It can often be stress: which is a daily experience for most people (sadly).

Sorry, I just went off on a tangent.

Back to the review: I think that this book is a realistic insight into the mental health issue, though I cannot say for sure. If any of you have anxiety, would you explain it similarly to this book?

The characters were all so well-written. I loved travelling down Aza’s spirals of thoughts. I’m sure that this relates to the cover, with having a downward spiral.


You may think the title is random, but your question will be answered: why is it called Turtles All The Way Down? It was one of my questions before I even had my hands on it.

The first paragraph begins with Aza eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich. The same ‘flavour’ sandwich is introduced in the middle and the end. Isn’t that brilliant? Green certainly knows his cyclical structures. Good job.

I very happily finished this book in one sitting. I hope to read again, sometime, and discover things that I missed the first time! What about you?

Have you read any of John Green? Do you think you will read TATWD?





Crooked Kingdom | New Fantasy Obsession & Squad Goals

What a ride!

This 600 page book took me strangely fast amount of time to read. It was such a page-turning, beautiful piece of literature. The squad is my new favourite (but not beating the Harry Potter trio). The dry humour didn’t make me laugh aloud but it certainly brings a smile to my face. Do books ever put you through physical emotion? (I cried at the end of this book, it’s so heart-breaking!)

I may be all over the place in this post but I took notes whilst reading and I would like to get them all into this post!


I should not have rushed Crooked Kingdom because it must be savoured. I look forward to re-reading this book a bit slower and appreciating the words more! The characters are so diverse and I loved getting to understand all of their languages and religions. Inej was my favourite but I loved them all very much.

Wylan interprets music like me and I found that moment was so cozy: “When his father had stopped reading to him, music had given him new stories”. If you have read this book, maybe you are also as excited as I am about Jesper and Wylan: The Cutest Couple in Ketterdam. I must say, disaster happens when you put 6 teenagers on the same mission…


Shiny library covers are the purest form of art

Matthias and Nina’s ‘illegal’ relationship was cleverly described by Leigh Bardugo. I became very attached to the couple and the end is heart-breaking! (obviously no spoilers though, I would love for you to experience the wild emotions for yourself)

Thank you for reading today’s post. I was 200 pages in when I started taking notes on this book. Hopefully it has improved today’s book review and many more to come! Let me know what you thought about this book review below (I’ve tried a new way of writing them).

Have you read any of Bardugo’s books? Do you like fantasy novels? Who is your favourite fantasy author?


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The Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag

Hello, welcome back to my blog!

Thank you very much Rhiana @ Marshmallow Harmonies for allowing me to partake in the Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag. I have been reading Rhi’s blog for a while now, and it is so enjoyable! Thank you for all the recommendations as well: my TBR is expanding larger and larger! If you would like to keep up with my constant book-worming then you can check out my Goodreads.

Goodreads has really motivated me to read more. I was reading about 1 book a week and now I’m reading three or four!

Best Book So Far Of 2019

There are so many that could qualify for this place but Wuthering Heights is the best classic novel… ever!

Best Sequel I’ve Read

Definitely Pandemonium and Requiem, from the Delirium trilogy. The sequels were just as good as the first one, if not better.

New Release I Am Yet To Read

The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It’s Broken. This was released in 2018 so does it class as recent? Besides, I’m intrigued by the synopsis and I think it will be one I will read again and again.

Most Anticipated For The Second Half of 2019

I’m looking forward to the Hunger Games prequel at the start of 2020, but I’m not aware of any new releases in the second half of this year. I’m looking forward to the next in the Rosewood Chronicles by Connie Glynn! Yet, there’s no release date for that.

Biggest Dissapointment

I’ve not been disappointed by any books this year! I don’t look at reviews before I read them. Sometimes I have to just walk into my tiny local library and pick up whatever is available. Most of the time, it’s not even on my TBR…

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Book Reviews: The Fault In Our Stars, Blood Red Road

Hello, welcome back to my blog!

If you have been keeping up with my Goodreads, you will be aware that I have recently finished Blood Red Road and The Fault In Our Stars. Today, I would like to share with you my opinions on both of these books and why you should read them.

Blood Red Road

It took me a few chapters to really get interested in this book. The middle to the end of this book were the most exciting. The book was written in the perspective of Saba (the main protagonist). It was set in a dystopian and futuristic world where, of course, there is little education. The writer used abbreviations and misspelling of words to make the reader believe it was written, genuinely, by Saba. I thought this was a really interesting technique! However, at some points, the paragraphs did loose flow.

Yet, the story was interesting. The plot took the right amount of twists and turns to keep it interesting. I would recommend this book to any Hunger Games fans, if you are a quick reader. It isn’t my favourite book in the world. However, I am glad I read it because the characters were interesting and relatable.

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