Twenty Nineteen In Retrospect | Appreciating the Year So Far

Erin, how has your year been so far?

At the moment I’m getting the feeling that it’s going to be as good as or even better than 2018. 2018 has been my favourite year in existence. I loved that year, even though you didn’t see most of it.

My blog followers have been flickering between 150 and 170 followers which I’m really happy about 😊 When I started this blog at an age too young I never thought I would grow this fast. The physical data has grown and so has the mind of the author. I’m happy to be where I am now.

I started bullet journaling at the start of this year and it has helped me motivate myself back into drawing because through November and December last year I was really loosing it! I incorporate personal journaling, to do lists, schedules and sketches all into one thing which is working for me so far.

I have felt an urge to delete all my old posts that I hate but in a way that’s killing part of myself. I don’t like to look back there but there are some things that I like: such as my Silence Of The Moon poem and some early collaborations.

‘Writing when I wanted to’ was the problem all throughout 2018. Sometimes I do have to force myself on to my chair and put the iPad in front of my face. However, my motivations have got better now that I know there’s a hundred people on the other side who appreciate my writing.

Thank you for an amazing year so far 😊

Stringing Words Together

As you do, I sometimes find it hard to write something interesting. The way some people string words together seems effortless and is beautiful. I string my words together like a five year old would put beads on a bracelet. It’s not elegant, it does not look effortless, and will never be worn but once when checking the size.

It’s like having a rainbow and putting the colours in the wrong order. It doesn’t look right and no one will ever want to look at it.

How do you string your bracelet effortlessly?

Or do you not?

The Stereotyped Blogger

I used to embrace the title ‘blogger’ and still do. But just like the title ‘doctor’, ‘dame’, or ‘sir’ it needs some work to get there. The stereotype of a teen blogger these days includes the likes of fashion posts, lifestyle and baking. This is not what I do. I used to try and pull it off but deep down I realised that it wasn’t for me. I had a hard time deciding a theme or a common genre to write in for this blog. I am still unsure so I don’t want to make myself sound certain and put it out there that I am this.

We as humans constantly change and adapt. There’s no stopping us. The indefinite term for our influenced and ever-changing selves is simply: human.

I would like to brush away the stereotypes of bloggers and get you to understand that there’s all different kinds of us.

How do you feel on this subject? If you would like to contact me privately then my email is here or you can DM via Instagram.


I Didn’t Look At My Reflection For a Day

A lot of the Internet is describing yourself in 140 characters. This is why we find it useful to have labels such as introvert or blogger. It will not describe down to the bone, but it’s what you want other people to perceive you as.

This is why I am going to go one day without looking at my reflection. It’s already been hard washing my face and doing all the basics, but I’ll pull through. I’ve seen a few people do this for their mental health and self perception. I don’t know if I’m doing it for the same reason, but I’ll find out when it’s over.

Have you or will you ever try the challenge?

Six Word Story

And so the box snapped shut.

Six word story, inspired by Pooja Gudka.