How To Be More Eco-Friendly (Even As Teens!)

Hello, welcome back to my blog.

I know many of you are passionate about cutting down on plastics and saving the environment, but how do we do that? I am sharing with you, today, some easy ways to make sure you are doing the best for the environment. So even though we can’t vote for better government, we can change a few things in our everyday life.

Don’t Buy Books

It will help save our planet and it will save you money! Use facilities like the library to read books. I am a massive bookworm, as many of you will know, but I don’t need books to prove that. I use the library, and occasionally a charity shop. If I ever buy from a charity shop, I always return it once I’ve read it. Not only does this help a charity, it helps you. You no longer have to find space to store that book.

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Rainbow Ice-Cream and Books With Gay Protagonists

Hello, welcome back to my blog! In celebration of pride month, I would like to share with you a book I have recently read called Noah Can’t Even. The main protagonist is socially awkward and figuring out his sexuality. I think it’s a brilliant read. Apparently there is a sequel, so I will have to look into it. I personally got very attached to Noah!

Today I indulged myself in an ice-cream, for which I have no regrets. It was the creamiest ice-cream I have ever eaten. Ever.

The reason I decided to get it was because of the cone. Maybe you’ve realised by now that I get very excited by pride month. However, I think that the LGBTQIA community should be celebrated all year round. It does make me smile when people get less judgemental of the community. Societies are gradually getting less and less homophobic (woo-hoo!). I don’t have much experience with transgender people (I don’t know any) so I can’t really talk about that subject. I’ll have to educate myself before sharing any thoughts on the Internet 😊

And as for me, I’m too young to decide my sexuality. I don’t like to be labelled as ‘straight’ ‘bisexual’ ‘lesbian’. Love is love. I’ve never been in a serious relationship so I don’t know who I’m attracted to. And that’s that.

I would love to hear some love stories in the comments 😉 Romance is becoming my favourite genre 😂

Have a great month 🏳️‍🌈

Six Word Story

“I’m afraid he might say no…”

I wrote this six word story is relevance to a situation I was in. I look back at this now and realise how much I have grown since then, when asking people gave me anxiety. Anyways, with that aside, I am proud to acknowledge that this is my 100th blog post! At the start of the year, I refreshed my content and deleted some old posts that I wasn’t happy with. So technically this isn’t my 100th ever, but it is my 100th ever posted blog 🙂

Here’s to more happy blogging!


Bookish Rambles | Delirium, To Kill A Mockingbird, Of Mice And Men

I would like to take some time today to recap on some of the books I have read this year. You are probably not aware of how much of a bookworm I am but through my blog I would like to record my bookish thoughts as well as other things! I’m going to name this series ‘bookish rambles’ (inspired by Rhiana)

So, the best series of books I have ever read:




I picked up the first book of the series in a charity shop. I was looking for some new books and the words ‘charity shop’ were the first to appear in my mind. After reading the first one, I was totally hooked and had to go to the library to get the next two. I finished this series in about a week. The books are around 400 pages long though incredibly easy to read. Probably a bit too low a level for me but never less, the plot was brilliant. It took some very unexpected twists and turns. Out of all the trilogy, the third one was my favourite? A bit hard to say though! They were all amazing.

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How I Make My Scrapbook Travel Spreads

You don’t need to spend money on scrapbooking. Fancy paper is expensive and does not encourage us to start a scrapbook! It’s a hobby I took up this year because I luckily received a scrapbook for my birthday! After postponing starting the scrapbook for a while, I finally started. It became a burden to write on these spreads and soon I realised: I don’t have to write in my scrapbook! Scrapbooking is a visual art and in this post I am going to share with you how to master it.

I use my scrapbook to document mainly travel and days out. Today I will be reviewing my trip to Llandudno, Wales!

I would recommend gathering supplies before you start. It makes it an easier and quicker process! My HP Sprocket always comes in handy, but if you don’t own one you shouldn’t worry. It is just as easy to print from your computer! Also, receipts are great for travel spreads. Not only do they document your purchases but they also can be used a diary of where you have been. Leaflets and postcards are cheap or free and easy to find. Try finding one or two on your travels!

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