What’s your name?

My name’s Erin, short for Catherine. You can also call me Kitty!

What’s your blog about?

Well, I’ve been through phases. But my main focus is, well, I don’t know right now. I enjoy expressing myself through poetry, and art. But a good old ramble (mainly philosophy and addressing our world, sometimes even myself!) will always be coming.



When did you start your blog?

In April 2017 I began a blog. This blog. There are loads of random things from back then, when I didn’t know how to use categories, so if you are on the Interent wasting your time, either make memes or read my old posts (warning, over there lays cringeyness). The name KittyJade is a combination of a nickname, and a very popular name. Haha, when I started I didn’t really embrace myself and starting calling myself Jade. There’s a post about that somewhere around here.

And, how many breaks?

Two serious breaks, and back when I started there was no schedule. So my first post was in April, then I began to be consistent in June/July. One of I breaks I am embarking on right now, as I write. So that’s why things were all over the place from August (2018) until the end of the year (2018). 2019 is the year of the blog.


Where’s your motivation?

I started my blog in idol of Zoella (back in the day when she wrote a blog, and she is rebooting it next year) and her book series called Girl Online. But now, my main motivation is those around the blogging community. Those who are spreading awareness of mental and physical health, and with it sharing kindness even in pain. That’s who I want to be. I see some people always looking over my blog, on every post commenting and liking. Some guys are here for philosophy, some poetry, and I do notice you!

By saying what I did about motivation is actually going to remind me to keep writing for you guys, even when I’m in the lowest of the lows. “But you know what’s good about hitting rock bottom, the only way is up!”

Will you collaborate with me?

I sure will! Here’s my contact page so we can get in touch. I love working with creators, whatever your vibe may be! When a match is lit, it always sparks my fire.