A Teenage Perspective: Q&A Collab With Erin @KittyJadeBlog

A Light In The Darkness

Hey there people,

Today I bring you a Q&A collab with Erin from KittyJadeBlog. We’ll both be sharing our experiences, opinions and thoughts on the world around us, all from a teenage perspective. To read my answers to Erin’s questions, head over to her blog– be sure to follow, she’s a talented writer and her posts always give me something to think about.

What do you believe are the biggest challenges facing young people in our society?

I know from experience that comparison is one of them. Just looking through your best friend’s story on Snapchat can trigger a certain nerve in your brain that says ‘I wish I was having a day out with my friends’ or ‘I wish I looked as good as her’ etc. Instagram also does this, but you have got to think: would you post a selfie of yourself when you are having a…

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Thoughtful Q&A With Gracie Chick | Collaboration

This is a collaboration of two halves! To see the second half, go and check out Gracie’s blog where I answered her questions.

Do you think the weather influences your mood?

Maybe. I tend to find the weather inspiring in whatever form it decides to take. I like to dance in the rain and, for some reason, sad poetry always flows easier when the skies are grey. Equally, I love the sunshine and the atmosphere it creates or the energy and adrenaline of a storm. So yes, to a certain extent, it does.

How do you cope when you don’t feel motivated but need to do work?

I think of my future and dream of boats; I’m assuming most of you don’t have a passion for sailing vessels, so just compare it to your own dreams/goals and how much you want to achieve them. I think of how much I love being at sea, how much I want to make a difference in the lives of young people and how everything I do builds towards those things being a part of my future. I tell myself that it is my responsibility to make that a reality. Also, I find putting music on really helps with motivation and morale.

Forms of relaxation?

For me, writing is the ultimate relaxation. There’s often so much going on up here *points at head* that I find it hard to process it all, all of the time. Words are what come naturally to me and just to let it all flow out is the most relaxing and satisfying feeling. The emotions, thoughts and ideas that were so overwhelming inside my head suddenly feel like they’re something I can manage.

Any weird notions you have not written down yet:

Um, weird notions are my thing, people. I am the absoulute queen of out-of-the-ordinary notions. So the other day I was wondering whether snow is water in a different form or whether it’s a different ‘thing’ entirely? *shrugs*

Also, I just know this is gonna sound really weird, but here goes anyway… when I’m out in public I often feel like an observer, or a character in a story, where I see people and I see their lives, I see strangers – I see a snapshot of them – and that is literally the only time I will see that human being in my life again. There are lives and stories behind that few seconds you interact with them. You never see that backstory. I find that sad for some reason.

*hides* anytime you need more weird notions you know where I am!

When did you last look in the mirror? Do you think that you concentrate on how others perceive you too much? (that’s two questions in one, but oh well)

Probably not that long ago. I’m going to be honest, I’ve never cared all that much what I look like, you’ll usually find me chilling in a hoodie and jeans or my beloved dungarees, but I’m a teenage girl and like any other; I’m quick to note my imperfections. I might act like I don’t care and to be honest, I don’t really, but that spot on my cheek… wonky ponytail… it’s so easy to find faults. I know how much of an issue body positivity – or the lack of it – is in my generation, but I want to show other teens that we’re all in the same boat. If we stand together and all change our attitudes towards and each other, we can make a massive difference.

More About The Author

Gracie Chick

Gracie and I have been working on this collaboration since the start of February. It’s been a joy to work with one another and I’m so happy that the writing came together so quickly! I have been reading A Light In The Darkness since last year, and every time a notification popped up for a new post of her’s, I was soon to read it. I hope you enjoy Gracie’s blog as much as I do!

My Experience Of Being An Introvert

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The terms introvert and extrovert haven’t been used in my life up until about two months ago. I stumbled across a couple of blogs talking about introversion and decided that I wanted to find a definition. All it says on Google is this
Image result for introvert definition
and for an extrovert it says this
Image result for extrovert definition
I’m not shy, but I’m neither socially confident. This could mean that I am an ambivert (a mix of the two) but in the grand scale of things I’m closer to the introvert’s end of the scale and miles away from the extrovert’s.
Looking into unimportant definitions of peoples – from all of my overthinking – I found that I must be more of an introvert. To me, the definition is a broad term for someone who enjoys being around certain people but finds it awkward to build conversation or firmer relationships with people they have only just been introduced…

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