The Theory Of Everything Under Our Noses | Thought Before Action

Calm isn’t quiet. I listen to calm’s noise. Calm speaks calm which therefore makes it calm. The theory applies to all emotions. You begin to feel happy as you speak (act) happy. You begin to feel fear as you speak (act) fear. Life is a theory of emotion. That’s why they say think before you speak. But you think after you speak too. They say imagine your emotion in your head for it too become of itself. Thinking before everything. If you think about a dream, a dream will come true. Likewise, if you think about a nightmare it will come true. Not silly visions. But you will see the monster within a person. You will see the miracle within your life. As if everything is thought. 

Plato believed there was a world of ideas, and then one of reality. The world of ideas came before the world of reality. He said that the ‘idea’ chicken came before both the chicken and the egg. For everything he believed in the world of ideas. Including emotion. 

But this is an overriding of thoughts in my head. Short sentences to just get everything out of my head. It’s like the theory of everything – thought before action. People’s words that we skip past, are words of wisdom. Everything has thought behind it. And I’m proving myself in every sentences I’m typing out here.

Thought before action. The theory of everything. 

Even coming from a tiny human child’s mind. This is true. And I can think.

People say nature’s calm. But when the door shuts all I can hear are my thoughts, and pencil on paper as I write. Wind is noisy. It doesn’t though mean it is not calm. A raging sea is calm. We listen to it crashes and think of calm. Words mean so much. I love words. 

I now need to link up all my gibberish. But before I write a book about it, I may as well let my first audience know first. You are the first people I have spoken to with proper views on society, proper ideas. I have grown to you. I love you all!

Now what am I? All things I have mentioned here I could pick out and ramble on about. But today I’m going to leave you with this. This is all.

Excuse my weird language here, I just noted random things as I sketched outside. This is what happens when I get a mind of my own!

From 1 To 1000!

From March to December 2017 there were 10 of us. Now there’s 112 of us! Thank you so, so much Internet, for listening to my useless rambles, poems and philosophy! I’m sure you wouldn’t have stuck around if it wasn’t for my charisma 😉 (like I have any of that!). 

I’m going on holiday from this Saturday to the following, sorry for my inactivity. But I’ll be back with plenty more to ramble about!

See you soon,


I Have No Mind Of My Own

You know I really have no clue what I’m doing. I don’t really want to write right now. I just want to rest myself and get back with something new that no-one would find boring. Sadly, I’m not great at that.

Even these words as I read them again seem to make no sense. What is this post? Do you understand it?

I will hopefully have some good posts up next week! School’s out so I have a heap of time on my hands.

I’ll see you then (whenever then is). Please leave some post suggestions below!

The Most Wonderful Day | Plus Mini Haul | Diary

Saturday 30th June 2018

The Most Wonderful Day

Today has been the most wonderfully beautiful day – and it’s still not over.

I had a very productive morning (I say morning, I mean 8:00am to about 2:00pm). I posted a very long post, and it was relieving to see it done, had plenty of Cello practise and basically wrote and wrote and wrote. Amazing, relaxing, wonderful.

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The afternoon has been a pleasure so far. I went into town with my dad and brother (who’s blog looms in this corner of the internet) and it was really relaxing. We ran errands and did some shopping – a haul in which I will show today – went a lovely little cafe and honestly, had the best tea. I’ve never been one for iced tea but this soda was gorgeous. I have it twice before and every time I go to that little cafe I never look for anything else!

We sat and chatted yet I sadly didn’t take pictures (stupid me, at least the memory is my mind) for about half-an-hour. Whilst I was chilling, I read some of your blog posts which were of course as amazing as ever. I read through some of my cringey old ones too! (don’t search for them)

We then went to do the weekly grocery shop and wrapped it all up nicely. From upstairs I can smell the fresh food and the cooking that is being prepared! I am so grateful for this day, most honestly!

I think I am now going to plan tomorrow and do a bit of tidying around. 

Today has been the best day ever.

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Here’s for the haul. 

I now lay what I have bought today in front of me and begin to feel warmed. I have bought a book, Rainbow Drops (they’re not in front of me because I’ve eaten them already), crystallised ginger, a card for my friends soon birthday and some ingredients for a DIY baking post that I will be putting together tomorrow! 

The book grabbed my attention – not only Shakespeare in Baker’s trademark long scarf but the ‘humour’ written precisely on the back. We love a sarcastic novel! I am currently doing a Shakespeare project for school, and combining it with my most dear fandom is literally the best. I may do a book review but you’ll definitely see it in the future, whatever! I bought this from the local bookshop for £9:99 and I don’t think that’s a rip-off! 

Image result for dr who the shakespeare notebooks


Secondly, the foodie side of things. I have been craving Rainbow Drops for so many weeks and my friends probably think I’m mad when I’m muttering under my breath ‘I really want some Rainbow Drops right now’! I ate them (but also shared them) whilst walking around the outdoor market. I got images from Google so I hope these will do! 

Image result for rainbow drops

Crystalised ginger is one of those things that just relates with all seasons. In the extremely warm weather it has been a desire for me to just pick out a tangy ginger cube and pop it my mouth. And these two things are treats and maybe you already know by now that I’m a health freak XD so please don’t judge.

Related image
If you are new here then maybe it isn’t the best first impression! Little rambles like these pop up occasionally and if you would like to see when, then make sure to follow so you never miss a thing!

Stay beautiful my readers and I hope you had an equally enjoyable Saturday!


On Respecting Personal Boundaries and Family

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