This Is Not A Blog Post | Blogmas Day Nine

I’ve been trying to procrastinate blogging so I can have a chilled weekend, but it actually feels worse. Yesterday I posted late because instead of scheduling it for 2:00 am I scheduled for 2:00pm. Then yesterday I was having a really good day and was seriously procrastinating. That meant I didn’t write a post for 2:00 am this morning – but I am still getting a post up. I don’t like being lazy. It gives me a feeling at the top of my head that I will never grow to love. I’m so much better at being productive. The stereotype of relaxation is doing nothing much, but that’s just a stereotype. I like to relax by drawing or writing or doing something creatively enhancing – not sitting watching television or scrolling mindlessly through my Instagram feed.

I have lots of posts I would like to write, and then I have lots posts I can’t write very well (they’re the same thing). Not well enough for an audience that will enjoy it. At the moment I have no idea if I will write Monday’s post today and Tuesday’s. I will write them on the day, not before. Because maybe I won’t be here on Wednesday and you still think I am.

This is not a blog post.

Slums of Victory

‘Everyone in the streets were hurrying to and fro; their atmosphere was dark – even the brightest pink was lowered in hue to a brown, there were many clustered around the institutions peeking into the windows at attractions that were deemed horrendously entertaining and without sparing a penny to these poor families they carried along their way hastily to get out of the mess, down the dark, grey roads as if there wasn’t a space on the pavement; however, there was enough space for a gang – they prefered being under horse-foot than under the windows of Victorian London. These were the slums.’

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You Can Suffer Physically From Procrastinating

I would like to contribute my own bit of information to help spread awareness of the well-being of mental health. Yesterday was Mental Health Awareness Day, and I know as a sufferer of OCD that even the slightest things in our lives come out with a large impact.

Today in my English lesson I was writing a Gothic Narrative. I had write up about 100 drafts in the process of getting it to where I want it to be, and it still isn’t yet there. I found some really interesting information about how procrastination isn’t actually linked to perfectionism, but to a grudge of an emotional ‘waterfall’. I can say myself that I am very restraint of procrastination and hold a strong shield before it. Yet, it isn’t the same for all of us…


Chronic procrastinators often hold misconceptions about why they procrastinate and what it means, psychologists have discovered. Many chronic procrastinators believe they can’t get started on a task because they want to do it perfectly. Yet studies show chronic procrastination isn’t actually linked to perfectionism, but rather to impulsiveness, which is a tendency to act immediately on urges.

People may assume anxiety is what prevents them from getting started, yet data from many studies show that for people low in impulsiveness, anxiety is the cue to get going. Highly impulsive people, on the other hand, shut down when they feel anxiety. Impulsive people are believed to have a harder time dealing with strong emotion and want to do something else to get rid of the bad feeling.

Some people claim they purposely leave things to the last minute because they work better under stress, but true procrastinators get stressed out by the delay. It’s arguable whether the quality of their work is actually better than if they had started earlier.

I can’t leave possibly leave things a day after the activity has been set, and this is why often my mind is like a roasted peanut. I get told of for being such a ‘perfectionist’.

And clearly I may be a procrastinator?

I hope you have a great weekend.


Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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I have been nominated by KittyJade for the Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Tag. Here is my response to it. I nominate anyone who wants to participate.

Yesterday I was born: the start of the new generation. Yesterday I was a little girl with pigtails, a freckled face, and happy, bright eyes. I was as innocent as a ray of sunlight, as young as the first snow, the snow that comes before the last apples have fallen from their trees. Yesterday, my days were simple. Happy, but simple. My view of the world did not extend beyond the town I grew up in. And in a world so small, everything in it was big. My little backyard, large enough to fit a sandbox, a few trees, a see-saw and not much else was transformed into an empire by my siblings and me. We filled our joyous yesterdays by letting our…

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The Philosophy of Tomorrow #2


Hello Internet! (For ‘The Philosophy of Tomorrow #1″ please click here)

It’s Saturday afternoon and you have a big science project that is due on Monday. Your teacher told you about it weeks ago, but you saw no reason to get started right away. Now you are getting a little nervous. You only have two days to do the project and you should probably get to work. But where should you begin? There is so much work to do. Maybe a walk in the fresh air would clear your mind.

You had some great ideas on your walk and when you come back inside, you are ready to work. You sit down at your desk. My, your desk certainly looks messy. You would probably work better if it were neat. As you organize your desk, you find a deck of cards. You remember a fun card game that a…

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