This Or That | Tag

Aren’t I getting popular being nominated for all these tags? Aww, thank you Becca for the nomination! She keeps on being so kind! I am loving taking part in these tags – this one is definitely the most challenging, This Or That? Argh!

Before I start babbling on, shall we get started?

The Rules:

  1. Thank and tag the person that has tagged you
  2. Attach the tag photo (couldn’t find it)
  3. Answers the This or That questions
  4. Tag 10-20 friends (I’m a rebel)

The Questions:

  • Dog or Cat? I think it’s probably cat – however I love both.
  • Netflix or YouTube? YouTube – there are so many things on there! Plus I don’t even own Netflix (what a saddo)
  • Phone Call or Text? Text, it can be less awkward that way.

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