Inspiring Bloggers Tag | Social Media, Blogging and Self-Love!

Before we begin, I need to thank the wonderful Pooja for nominating me. She is such a lovely and supportive member of the blogging community, and is constantly engaging with my content! Thank you for making this post possible, because I anticipate it’s going to be a fun one.


  • Thank the person who chose you.
  • Include the logo in your post.
  • Answer the questions asked to you.
  • Choose the bloggers who’ve inspired you (maximum 10)
  • Add a feature of their blog which you admire.
  • Ask them five questions.


Do you prefer blogging or social media?

Unfortunately I spend way more time on Instagram than WordPress, however it’s a habit I want to change. Blogging is a more versatile platform and I appreciate it no end! Unlike YouTube, blogging isn’t an over-saturated platform and everyone earns an audience, whether that be big or small. Blogs are so fun to work on and there’s such a range of content, especially on WordPress.

What is your favourite post that you’ve published so far?

This is such a hard question! I love my post where I discussed all things blogging. It was a lengthy one but people seemed to enjoy it. It’s called The Hustler Blogger Award, and I’ve linked it here if you want to read it (please do!)

What is one thing you are grateful for?

One thing? There are so many things to be grateful for. While I’m sat writing, I’m surrounded by my family. I’m so lucky to be with people during lockdown. Despite enjoying my own company very thoroughly, I would go mental without them.

What inspires you to continue blogging?

I’ve got to make the most out of my short time on Earth, and blogging is a perfect way to do so. I find other people and build bonds, discuss controversial topics and expand my brain. It’s like schooling outside of school, and you all know I’m a big fan of learning! 

What is one thing you love about yourself?

I don’t know. Right now I’m in an inspirational rut and finding it so hard to commit to school work. What I used to appreciate about myself was my constant commitment to productivity, now that’s non-existent. It’s okay to have bad days, but this is a long string of bad days that I can’t seem to work my way out of. I stick to a routine, I do things I love, but I keep encountering a lack of energy and a desire to just read, blog, repeat. As a perfectionist, I find it hard to commit to work if I know I can’t complete it to my best ability. That’s my hardest fence to climb, but as I previously mentioned, I just don’t have the energy! 

*sorry for the abundance of personal pronouns in that paragraph, however you don’t talk back so it’s naturally a very one-sided conversation*

My Nominees

The Cozy Potato – Victoria really deserves to dubbed an inspiring blogger because of the effort she puts into her blog. Alongside a podcast, Victoria posts consistently on her blog. Plus, her Instagram is beautiful which you need to check out!

Simple Little Things – I discovered Ana very recently and she has an awesome blog. Very new to the blogosphere, but already writes with so much experience. On Instagram we have little chats and her commitment to blogging is inspirational. 

Zainab Chats – Pooja is to thank for introducing me to Zainab. She hosts an awesome blog with so much precision and planning that I almost think she is inhuman! Love the success she is making for herself through blogging. 

Meghan’s Teen Life – Meghan is so lovely! Her kind words make my day and when she pops on her Instagram story to chat – I smile instantly. We’ve recently collaborated so I encourage you to check out that post if you have time. She was so fun to work with, always spreading positivity. 

Times Of Trials – Anushka has recently began an Instagram account, which is where I found her blog. It’s such a fun website to read because it’s a real insight into a teen’s mind – which I find endlessly relatable. 

I’ve nominated upcoming bloggers who I find genuinely inspiring. Instead of my regular nominee list, I wanted to share a group of bloggers that you need to support! They are all quite small on WordPress now, but with your support can grow. So go and offer them support. All their blogs are linked above.

My Questions

  • What are you grateful for today?
  • What is your experience with Pinterest, has it grown your blog at all?
  • As a content creator, are there any problems you encounter?
  • What songs have you been listening to on repeat?
  • What does your content schedule look like?

Unfortunately we’ve come to the end of today’s post! I hope you enjoyed reading my answers. If I haven’t nominated you, still feel free to complete the tag. Just pingback to this post so that I can see it (copy and paste the link into your post). On the other hand, if I have nominated you don’t feel pressure to complete the tag. It’s all for fun!

Do you prefer blogging or social media?

I would love to write a post about my experience of both, so please do start up a conversation in the comments! Can’t wait to hear from you all. 

Happy Friday,

catherine x

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Awesome Blogger Award | Traveling, Music + Body Confidence

I am so shocked to be nominated for yet another award! This is another Awesome Blogger Award tag. I was nominated by my beautiful friend Megan from Megan’s Little Blog. We’re in fact working on a collab at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Megan writes LGBTQIA+ content, positivity and general life chats. Its such a pleasure to read her blog when a new post is released! I highly recommend you check out her content. It is massively underrated.


  • Thank the person who nomminated you
  • Tag the post with #AwesomeBloggerAward
  • Answer the questions you were asked
  • Nominate 5 more bloggers and inform them of their nomination
  • Give them 10 new questions to answer!

What is your top bucket list destination?

I would love to visit Provence in France, while the lavender is in season. I have been lucky enough to visit France twice, though neither of those times were trips to Southern France, on the Côte d’Azur (this is completely from memory, so I apologise if my French spelling is a little weak). Provence looks so picturesque and it’s my dream to visit there one day. I have a ‘7 Places I’d Like To Visit’ post linked here if you are interested to learn more.

What was/ is your favourite subject at school?

Geography! Both the humanitarian and environmental side of the subject are intriguing for me. I don’t have a fixed idea on a career however something like managing plastic packaging in a supermarket, or going into environmental politics. Although I don’t need a degree to get into that sector, I have always dreamed about experiencing student life so going to university would be ideal. After all, I absolutely love studying!

What is your favourite album right now?

There isn’t just one! I listen to a bit of every One Direction album on a daily basis but at the minute I’ve been playing Midnight Memories more than the others. Been obsessed by Favourite Worst Nightmare from Arctic Monkeys – all of their stuff is amazing but this one has stole my heart in recent weeks. And then Flicker by Niall Horan, and “Sometimes It’s Something, Sometimes It’s Nothing At All” by Passenger because the cello in that album is beautiful (I play the cello if you didn’t already know).

What are some things you do when you need a break?

I think I keep a good work/life balance, so this really isn’t a problem for me. Recently I’ve been chilling out by getting out my pencils, calling a friend and chatting for hours while doing a colouring. Here’s my progress, which you will have already seen if you follow me on Instagram!

What is your favourite way to stay organised?

Lists, lists and more lists. I really want to write a post about this, so let me know if that something you’d like to see. I do this thing called a ‘weekly reset’. You may have heard the concept before. It’s the idea that you treat each new week with the ‘New Year’ feeling. I find it really helps me stay on track and organised. 

Why did you create your blog?

At the time I began my blog, I just wanted to be Penny Porter from the Girl Online series. As a character she really inspired me. Now I look back they are the cheesiest set of books ever, but I like a bit of cheesiness every now and then. Honestly, I’m not sure why I began a blog. But when my audience started to grow and I could see my writings help people, that’s when I found the real reason behind my hobby: I just want to help people and the planet.

Do you have any tips for being more confident?

My confidence appeared a little bit over night. One day I was really conscious about my size, the next day I woke up and I was just embracing my cute little rolls. Body confidence isn’t an end goal sort of thing – you’re always making progress! That’s my tip, I think. Treat it is a journey not a destination. 

What is your go to meal to cook?

Anything with toast. Although it’s basic, you cannot go wrong! Cheese on toast, beans on toast, tinned tomatoes on toast… the list is endless. Plus you can accommodate for multiple tastes. It’s an easy meal and it’s delicious. 

What is your favourite concert/ gig/ festival you have been to?

I believe I’ve been to two gigs in my time on this planet? Both were a mix of small indie punk rock bands. They were in small venues too, so I didn’t get anxious in the crowds. If it is an artist I love, crowds aren’t really a problem. It’s being in the dark and not seeing other people’s feet! I fear I’ll step on someone then they’ll turn around and saying ‘what did you do that for?’ and pin me up against a wall. These are punk rock concerts I’m talking about, though. Maybe my fear isn’t so strange after all.

What is your favourite summer outfit?

My paperbag shorts and a baggy t-shirt! Or, if I’m feeling extra special, maybe an off the shoulder top. The weather in the UK isn’t always bright enough for that option though.

I Nominate

And anyone else who wants to participate! Don’t forget to pingback to this post so that I can see it.

My Questions For You!

  • How do you start every morning?
  • What is your favourite thing about yourself?
  • What object could you never live without?
  • Basic one, but what’s your favourite colour and why?
  • How do you spend time offline?
  • What blogging related tasks do you do every day to stay on top of things? (emails, reading other people’s blogs etc)
  • What tip would you give to any beginner blogger?
  • A question you would like to ask your future self?
  • What is your favourite physical feature of yourself?
  • What does your perfect evening look like?

Thank you so much for reading today’s post! I apologise that’s it’s a little longer than my usual posts, but you all seemed to love that last week. Hope you’re all having an amazing week so far!

What are you proud of yourself for accomplishing this week? 

catherine x

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Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award | Life Chats, Self-Love & Getting Out Of A Slump!

Honestly, I’m a little bit drained of energy, Although I am incredibly excited to write this post, my eyes are barely open. I’m sat in a really thick jumper on a summer day, and I’m still cold. I don’t know what is wrong with me! Perhaps it’s because all I’ve eaten today is watermelon and cake mixture… and a cookie… oops? Although my window looks out into the garden so I can see a barbecue being cooked up outside. No meat for me, just a veggie skewer, but exciting all the same.

This morning I woke up at the grand hour of 9:00. That’s very late for me, but it did not deter me from having a good day. I ate watermelon for my breakfast, then baked a cake. I washed up the breakfast dishes, let the bunnies out for a run, then took a ton of bookstagram content. From tomorrow, the first official day of the summer holidays, I am going to be posting on my bookstagram every day. Make sure to check out my account to stay up to date with all of the bookish content!

Following that, I went for a walk with my brother (that autocorrected to bother, which is a little bit hilarious). We had a nice chat while walking in the sunshine! Once I arrived back home, I decorated the cake I had baked previously that morning. Of course I put on an episode of Doctor Who while doing so.

We didn’t have lunch, because we are having a mid-afternoon barbecue. I don’t know why we decided to have it mid-afternoon, but oh well. Hopefully I can eat soon! I’m terribly hungry! 

Oh, and then I sat in the sunshine editing the photos I took in the morning. While doing so I listened to Niall Horan. I absolutely LOVE his album Flicker, so it’s been playing on repeat.

That brings us to now, quarter past three in the afternoon where I have decided to write a blog post. I’m really excited to bring you this post, the ‘Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award’. I was kindly nominated by the lovely blogger behind ‘Hiddenzzzzz’. I highly recommend you check out their awesome blog! They are so lovely too. I look forward to answering the questions, so I hope you look forward to reading them!

Stick around until the end to see if you have been nominated. Without any more rambling, let’s get into the post:


1. Thank the person who have nominated you and provide a link back to his/her blog

2. Answer their questions

3. Nominate up to 9 other bloggers and ask them 5 new questions

4. Notify the nominees by commenting on their blog

5. List the rules and display the “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award” logo

6. Provide a link to the creator of Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award: Rising Star


What motivates you to keep growing your blog?

Seeing my impact on other people’s lives inspires me to continue branching out to other creators, therefore growing my blog. ‘The Plastic Plan’ in particular (my climate change series) has gained so many positive responses from young activists like me. Seeing my writing help other people be more environmentally conscious will never fail to inspire me. Because even my small platform of 730 followers can make a difference. That’s a school full of people that want to listen to my ramblings!

These were some initial ideas for The Plastic Plan series!

What message do you want to give to the world?

I wish for my lasting legacy to be kindness. Sometimes, more often that I’d like, I snap at people. I might give up on something too soon because I’m tired of it. I want to build resistance against that, I want to be less selfish and give my time to worthy causes. When I eventually depart from this planet, I hope the small amount of people who did know me remember me as the kind one.

What is your current favourite book?

I can’t answer that question! There are so many current favourites. But also I’ve been in a reading slump which isn’t fun. With the libraries not being open, I haven’t been able to get my hands on any physical books. Although the eBook option is available (which I’m eternally grateful for) they don’t spark the same sort of magic. I’m sure readers will understand what I mean! If you do love reading, you should check out my bookstagram. Cheeky little plug I know! But I post bookish content every day on there.

These are the sorts of photos I post on my bookstagram!

When was the last time you felt uninspired?

Probably last week. I wish I had a better relationship with inspiration. It naturally comes in waves, but those waves differ in size. At the moment I have loads of ideas, but I’m too excited by them that I don’t have the commitment to sit down and properly write them out!

Sneak peek to my August bullet journal set up!

What do you love about yourself?

I love that I don’t care what people think about my blog. Offline, there are bitchy girls that tease me about my blog. But it doesn’t affect me in the slightest. I don’t even know what their aim is, because they would never be able to stop me from blogging. In fact, the more they tease me, the more motivated I am to prove them wrong! I like that part of my personality. I know some people are really sensitive to teasing. 

I Nominate

Francine @ Ancine’s Alley

Meg @ What Meg Means

Jessica @ Jessica E Larsen

Pooja @ Life’s Fine Whine

Rachel @ Little World Of Rachel

Everything Me

Victoria @ The Cozy Potato

Anushka @ Times Of Trials

Rose @ Girl Online

My Questions

  1. What book are you reading?
  2. What song/s have you playing on repeat recently?
  3. How do you stay motivated?
  4. What tip would you give to anyone trying to get out of a writing slump?
  5. What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given?

Right, so that’s it for today’s post! I’m really looking forward to seeing your responses. Don’t forget that if you weren’t nominated you can still take part! Just copy and paste this link into your post so that I can see it. Hope you have liked the rambly posts this week! I will probably go back to a less chatty style on Friday’s upload. Please leave your honest opinion on the long posts this week! I don’t mind receiving your criticism. 

What song/s have you been playing on repeat recently?

Stay tuned, because I might react to your favourite songs in a later post!

catherine x

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My Top 10 Favourite Feelings | Expressing Gratitude & Another Huge Announcement!

I want to thank Xandria for coming up with such an original idea for a tag, and to Pooja from lifesfinewhine for nominating me. Pooja is the absolute queen of blogging and I’m honoured to participate in this! I know you nominated me a month or two ago but in came school work to ruin the plans of being productive with this blog. So let’s get on to the tag, despite its delay in being written.

The Rules

List out 10 of your favourite feelings! It’s honestly just that simple!

Heavy rain as I go to sleep

Rain at any time of day has a satisfying sound, but particularly at night with the window slightly ajar. Water in any form brings me a sense of belonging – a cosy, homely feeling – especially the ocean! My dream is to have a house on a seafront, ideally in Scotland.

The satisfaction of writing a lengthy journal entry, and getting everything off my chest

Since chatting with some girls about LOA on a group chat, I have become fully invested in journaling. Lots of people recommend it as the activity to do as you first wake up, but it doesn’t matter the time of day for me. It could be 11pm and I would still feel the same satisfaction! Journaling honestly DOES change your life. And I know you hear people talk about it a lot as the ‘best thing that has ever happened to them’ but they’re not lying. I was in your position once, thinking that I don’t need to journal or not having enough time to journal. Now I do and it’s the best daily habit to implement. 

Completing my to-do list!

I rarely complete an entire to-do list, so when I do it feels so satisfying!

Sitting down on the sofa after a long and tiring walk

Nothing beats this. Sometimes I go for a fast-paced walk, get a *bit* sweaty, and because of how fast I’m walking, I can’t really feel any sensation in my body. But when I return home and I finally stand completely still, I am overcome all exhaustion and usually just flop on to the sofa with a cup of tea. 

Seeing someones face light up when they see me, and vice versa

It’s the specific moment when someone turns from a concentrated frown, to then lift their eyes up and smile at you! It never fails to give me a warm feeling. A smile is like carrying your own sunshine. It does genuinely brighten up people’s day!

A breeze on a hot day

Anywhere in the world this feels good, but by the seaside especially. You could be a hot, sweaty mess then this gentle breeze passes through the trees and you suddenly feel grounded and less bothered by the heat.

Finishing a hardback book

Book lovers can relate! Whenever I finish a hardback, I snap it together so it makes a loud clap. I’m currently reading a hardback, and that’s one of the motivators to get me through it. 

The cat coming to sit on my bed during the night

If you don’t follow my Instagram (you should), you won’t know who Pikachu is. Our family’s gorgeous cat tends to sleep on our beds at night, usually taking her pick between my brother and I. It’s a silent sibling competition, that we never voice aloud. But when Pikachu comes on to my bed at night it’s an unspoken win over my brother hehe. 

Going outside in the early hours of a frosty morning, and inhaling the cool, fresh air

It’s 6am on Monday 22nd November. You have just woken up to a dark sky, and you hear the cat meowing downstairs. You let her out of the front door, to be confronted by a wall of cool air. You take a big breath in, but the cold makes your nose numb and senseless. On the exhale, you can see your warm breath against the air, forming a cloud. It’s an unbeatable sensation, one that you can’t wait until winter to experience again. 

Opening a can of beans with a ring pull

I don’t use a snazzy plastic device like this GIF does. But the visual is there.

I Nominate:


Meg @ Baking By Meg

Thank you for reading today’s post! Let me know in the comments what one of your favourite feelings is. You can also participate in this tag if you would like! Pingback to this post so that I can see it. 

What is one of your favourite feelings?

catherine x




HUGE Announcement For All Book Lovers!

If you’d read this far, you may me interested in my new account on Instagram! This time last year I had a bookstagram. It gradually morphed into a lifestyle account, which now has over 1.4K followers (thank you all so much!). Posting book content on there seemed a bit inappropriate, considering the audience are more interesting in the positivity and lifestyle niches. SO I went the extra mile to start up a new bookstagram, @kittyjadebooks, to satisfy all of my bookish needs! I post daily photos of books, regularly update you on my story and am always chatting about books with all of you. If that’s something you’re interested in, click here. Thank you so much for the support already! I’m very excited for the future of that account. 

The Sunshine Blogger Award | Blogging, Fruit & All The Things I Love

It was a pleasant surprise to be nominated for yet another award, this time by Nath! I only recently discovered Nath’s blog but it’s amazing. Please do click on the link here for her writings. I’m flattered that such an awesome blogger thought of me while nominating people! Big thank you!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display The Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your blog post.

My Answers 

Describe your blogging journey in three words:

Surprising, educational, life-changing.

Who are you outside your blog?

My two personalities don’t differ at all, although in real life I can be very irritating. I often laugh at random things and ramble on for too long about a subject no-one is interested in. I do appear quite put together on my blog, but I have so much work to do and I’m only writing this post because I was distracted from my work.

This is the header you’ll need to include if I nominate you!

Which of your posts is your favourite? Why?

In three years worth of posts, it’s pretty hard to choose. I do love my Awesome Blogger Award post because I spoke a lot about blogging and what goes on behind the scenes. The response to that post what really interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed holding conversation with my favourite bloggers.

Do you have a daily mantra? If so, what is it?

My alarm is labelled ‘today is going to be a good day’ so I say that to myself first thing. Hopefully it will come true!

I used the app Alarmy! It asks me maths questions to turn off the alarm.

What are the three things you are grateful for today?

I’m getting into a routine of listing 5 things I’m grateful for on a daily basis. It’s part of my effort to become more in touch with the Law Of Attraction but also make myself feel better. Today I’m grateful for:

  • my smallish room, that always feels cosy to work in
  • the book I bought last summer, that I am now re-reading. Past Catherine made a good choice and I’m so happy to delve into that world again.
  • my cactus, Elton, who is growing at an astonishing rate! Every time I glance over at him I smile because he’s starting to bloom little pink flowers. How adorable!

Which habit are you proud of breaking?

Up until I was 11, I was terrible and ‘stuffing’. No, this is not in reference to food. Whenever I came across something that didn’t belong, I’d stuff under my wardrobe, bed or anywhere with a gap. Now I have a more minimalist mindset, and due to owning less, I don’t have the desire to ‘stuff’. Plus, it means less to tackle when I do my quarterly sort outs.

What activity makes you lose track of time?

Blogging! Especially the Instagram aspect (thank you for 1.4K on there!). I find myself looking through stories, replying to comments and DMs and discovering new accounts for way too long. It’s not really an addictive relationship, I just love the small blogger community on there. Especially my group chat with the wonderful girlies Ava, Daisy, Grace, Millie, Libs, Sophie and Yaz! You can check out my Instagram here hehe!

Coffee or tea?

Tea all the way. I used to drink coffee at the weekend, usually a Saturday morning with mum, but that tradition no longer continues. We both prefer tea!

This tacky Kevin The Carrot mug is my favourite 😅

Netflix and chill or night out partying?

Netflix and chill (although I don’t have Netflix). I can get so wrapped up in a series I enjoy, so why would I want to leave the house? Upon Rachel’s recommendation, I’m now watching The A Word. You should totally check out Rachel’s accounts, especially her YouTube, because she has awesome videos on there.

What’s the last movie you watched?

More of a TV show kinda gal! The last film I watched was Frozen 2, probably a month ago now.

What food do you crave most often?

Strangely I’m a big fan of apples. I also love cake, any kind, but apples are sweet and refreshing. Whereas cake, if you have eaten a lot, makes you feel a bit sick. I could never be sick of apples. Who else adores fruit? Let me know in the comments!

I Nominate

If you decide to do this award: just linking my website won’t notify me! Copy and paste this link: in your post so I can see it, like and comment!

My Questions

  1. Do you have a bullet journal?
  2. What goal have you already achieved this year?
  3. How long do you spend writing blog posts per day?
  4. What does your content schedule currently look like? (including other socials like Instagram)
  5. What does your perfect morning look like?
  6. How would like to spend the next hour of your life?
  7. What 5 small things make you happy?
  8. Early bird or night owl?
  9. Next book you plan to read? 
  10. On average, how much sleep do you get per night?
  11. What are your plans for summer?

Feel free to answer any of these questions in the comments, or count yourself nominated if you want to do this award for yourself! Make sure to pingback to this post so that I can see it. Can’t wait to see what your answers look like.

The perfect apple 😍

What’s your favourite fruit? Do you find yourself craving a certain fruit sometimes?

If you’ve read the entirety of this post, first of all well done, and secondly you’ll know that I love apples and crave them constantly. I’d love to know what your favourite fruit is in the comments hehe.

catherine x



My New Bookstagram! (I’ll talk more about this in a later post)