1 Minute Motivation | Read And Relax

It’s okay.

No, really. It’s okay if you’re not feeling 100 percent today. Nobody feels like they can conquer the world all the time. But you know what’s not okay? Wallowing. You have to get back up. You have to try. People depend on you, whether they’re your friends, your family or your old neighbour who always needs help carrying her groceries. (You depend on you, too, by the way.) So how can you get your mojo back and stand face into the wind? Maybe you don’t have time to read all those great inspirational books everybody keeps recommending to you. But you have five minutes to read a poem. Maybe even less than 5 minutes. Here are 3 amazing poems in acsending order of ‘greatness’.

“Who is the happy Warrior? Who is he

That every man in arms should wish to be?

—It is the generous Spirit, who, when brought

Among the tasks of real life, hath wrought

Upon the plan that pleased his boyish thought:

Whose high endeavours are an inward light

That makes the path before him always bright;

Who, with a natural instinct to discern

What knowledge can perform, is diligent to learn;

Abides by this resolve, and stops not there,

But makes his moral being his prime care;

Who, doomed to go in company with Pain,

And Fear, and Bloodshed, miserable train!…” 

“Go placidly amid the noise and haste,

and remember what peace there may be in silence.

As far as possible without surrender

be on good terms with all persons.

Speak your truth quietly and clearly;

and listen to others,

even the dull and the ignorant;

they too have their story…” View Full Version

“Did you tackle that trouble that came your way

With a resolute heart and cheerful? 

Or hide your face from the light of day

With a craven soul and fearful? 

Oh, a trouble’s a ton, or a trouble’s an ounce, 

Or a trouble is what you make it, 

And it isn’t the fact that you’re hurt that counts, 

But only how did you take it?…” View Full Version

*The order of these poems is based on research and polls from over the USA.*

Have a wonderful week!


No Friends, No Friends When I Need Them

It’s so good to be back! After a week of camp (specifically Guide camp) I am more than exhausted. A week where I didn’t write at all, I just filled up the majority of my sketchbook! Haha, I do have a lot to talk about, but the way of saying those things is hard. I can never find the right words when I need them. Today I’m going to talk about friendship – and who I want to be.

I want to be good friend, I want to be able to shut out the people who don’t care about me anymore. And I want to loosen up, be perfectly not OCD. 


Sketch By “Kitty Jade”

According to my two closest friends, I am ‘too’ kind. I accept cows and chickens in my life because I am kind, but this is wrong. If I’m nice to everyone I’m torturing myself, not allowing myself pure and comfortable friendships.

This is why it’s hard, for me, to let go. I can’t let go of these people I used to love. Used to love. They broke the friendship, about a million times, before there isn’t even a chance left. I yesterday watched Jessie Paege’s ‘How To Survive Back To School With No Friends” video, and she talked about encouraging yourself to open up, when I need to encourage myself to close down.

I am silently bullied, by this torture. Every kind hand I give out, I get nothing back. I don’t expect to get something back from being kind, but I expect happiness. That’s not what happens.


Sketch By “Kitty Jade”

I have one brilliant, amazing, Whovian bestie. I barely see her, which hurts – but at least she left the school before more pressure could be conducted. She’s safe. I’m broken.

Please tell me if you have any ideas, tricks or tips to help me let go. I would gladly appreciate it.

All the love and support, 


There’s No Right Or Wrong | In My Opinion

One line a day just writing something weird, bad or good. Weird bad. Weird good. But life’s like that. All weird. It’s a struggle to ever find ‘normal’. I often debate if ‘normal’ exists. Average. We should replace it with average. In society there’s right and wrong. In the world there’s average.

So what exactly is right, and wrong?

There’s no right or wrong in anything we do. There are laws and priciples set for right and wrong, so that’s why you may be thinking ‘but what if there was a murder?’ (this is going to be our example).

A murder can be seen by the murderer as right, and by the people as wrong. Take for instance someone killing your best friend. You would hate that. You wouldn’t forgive the murderer right away, if at all, becasue your best friend means the world to you. He/she is a brilliant person – that’s why he/she’s your friend.

Then we have the murderer. This guy/girl must have a reason for killing the person. Because otherwise he/she would be too afraid to shoot. Or maybe this murder was set up, and the murderer didn’t want to pull the trigger, but was forced too. Peer pressure. We, however, are not making this complicated. The murder was by intention of a woman alone. (now I have no problem with pro-nouns).

I’m still getting carried away, so back to the point. There is no right or wrong. An opinion is an opinion.

All of us would have said ‘it’s not right to kill’. But if you were in this woman’s shoes you would have different perspective. We must respect this person’s choice. 

Same as if you were to get married. Some people believe it is wrong to marry. Some say it’s a vital part of life (‘grow up, get a job, have a family’ people). and these people have there reason’s to belive this. We each have a different opinion.

So because of this, I will have many disagreements. But that’s my point. And there’s no right or wrong in my opinion (my opinion).

Thanks for sticking until the end, I think I’ve ran out of things to say today! Don’t forget to like and comment (or dislike and tell me what to improve). 

Have a wonderful week!


Aren’t Short Posts What You Want? | Philosophy

‘What shall I write about today?’ is the question I ask myself when I wake. To get up content for you all, I need to write. And write in every corner of time I have. But what I ask myself is what I should write about. What would you like to read? Something long or short?

The Philosophy Of Reading

I am reading a book at the moment called Sophie’s World (I highly recommend you read it). It, however, has very small fonts. This is why it is taking me so long to read it. Because every page has a more than average amount of words. It isn’t hard for me to see the little fonts, just time-consuming instead.

I finished a book in less than a week called Optimists Die First (that’s a brilliant book I should really review). It was a small book with large letters. Therefore the font stood out to me and it was easy to read half of it in a day. It was also one of those books you can’t put down, but so is Sophie’s World so I’m using equally good books.


Yellow: Happy: Ingredients To Living:

Now, you guys like my poems. They can be long, or short. But they flow. So you just keep reading until the end and leave a like. My big, old, jumbled rambles seem to be less popular with the audience. That’s because they go on forever about random things.

My long philosophy posts have a big divider. You either love it, hate it, or can’t be bothered to read it. Haha, but that’s okay, because I never get around to reading looooonnnnggg posts either.

So, in context, we will only read (or stay to the end) of a short post. That’s why I didn’t make this too long!

Tell me what posts you would like in the future. All the best,