You Asked, I Answered | Blogmas Day Two

I have asked you on Instagram to ask me some questions! If you haven’t been able to take part in that then make sure that you are following @kittyjadeonline so you can participate next time. You asked me some questions, so I will answer. I didn’t get as many as I’d like to get but there’s certainly some long answers. A Q and A is something that always pops up around Christmas and I love to read them. (sorry for the lack of questions but I didn’t want to do what I did last year – write questions for myself to answer as if they were coming from you!)


This is basic colouring page that I decided to zentangle all over!

Why are you called Kitty Jade?

This question is from one of my friends that I know and have contact with in real life, and I don’t often speak about this to them! But why am I called Kitty Jade? Let’s start with the first word ‘Kitty’ – this is a nickname that my mum often calls me by as my full name is Catherine (so Kitty is derrived from this word). I do love my Christian name but when I first began blogging in 2017 I wanted to stay as anonymous as possible. Which now I have ditched.

The second word in this name ‘Jade’. I don’t really know where this came from but it somehow sounded right. When I think about it jade is a lovely colour and my middle name ‘jane’ is only one letter away. What do you think about Kitty Jade? Do you just take in in your stride that that’s my blog name or have you ever though about it?

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A Brilliant Tangent

I’ve not written in too long. My Instagram captions always seem to go off on tangents and you like those… but I can never go on a tangent if I want to! I was just lying in bed this evening thinking about how I could stay up until tomorrow doing all the things I need to and only have to shop tomorrow. Only if I weren’t tired!

I’m usually quite afar from my phone at night. It’s probably because it’s the weekend that I’ve decided to just break those rules. I suppose I am quite a healthy person with screen time but recently I found myself emerged in a game and I couldn’t stop playing it! I have three ‘games’ on my phone and I usually don’t play. These devices for me are mostly for interaction not for entertainment.

I have not edited this – which I would like to do. After I have published this post I will edit it and post it to my Instagram all finished (@kittyjadeonline)

What do you use your phone for? Everything?

Some people use theirs to read books but I find that just a bit too far. I love heading out to the library or bookshop and be able to come back and pick up a book. The real pages. And having an iPhone SE (which is the same size as a 5 or 5S) reading would be very hard on this 😂

So yes, I’ve gone off on a tangent!

Books are really special to me. Only in school recently did they start talking about genres and which genre you like the most. I realised that I really don’t have a particular idea of book that I really like/dislike. Weird?

I generally just go to the teen fiction section of my local library (the section which is very small) because no, I’m not an adult and no way am I reading Rainbow Magic 😂

I think some people assume that teenagers are procrastinators and are anti-social, prone to mental health “issues” (a topic of which I would like to talk about, especially its stereotypes). Everyone is different. This is an age where you decide who you want to be.

Anyway, I’d better get back to reading and go to sleep. I have a lot to talk about so tomorrow I’ll write some more posts? Let’s see if I remember 😆

*lots of laughing emojis later*

And if you have been DMing me (via Instagram) for collaborations I will be sending across some drafts tomorrow.