Long Song | I Am Starting To Post My Songs To My Blog!

My introduction to the world… I started life with longer years but they keep on getting shorter. Well, in my head anyway.

Here’s a song I wrote on the subject, and I’m just too self-concious to post the tune. But maybe if you keep up with my Instagram it will be on My Story…

Writing songs is something I do all the time, I think maybe I should start putting them out there, along with the poems and stuff. I know what’s more popular, but they say to be yourself?


Taken from my Instagram @kittyjadeonline

And another year passes.

My mind goes old.

Not my fault, it just goes so quickly.

And I’m speeding up the pace as every year goes faster…

Than the last.


And as every year grows longer.

I set more goals.

But it keeps on getting faster.

My mind grows old.

Oh what am I gonna do without it anymore?

Without the time that I could of spent some more.

And the pace it gets faster as,

My mind grows older.

And I don’t know what to do anymore.


Faster and faster. Around they go.

Faster and faster. To hope I say no.

What am I gonna do without it anymore…

Without the pace as it quickens:

I’m really old.



Come On World, Let’s Be Kind | I Gave You Three Wishes

Let’s jump straight into the deep end…

It’s something very common that we answer in a rushed way. On a bad day, your wishes will be different to your good day. But if we think really hard maybe wishes aren’t the best thing for us. We should probably get on with life and earn what we wish for. Work hard, play hard – as they say.

I am imagining I have earned these three wishes through my good deeds. I would first wish for all minds to be projected in a different light, so we can understand eachother’s arguements but not fight or conduct war over it. We must accept even the most drastic opinion but make sure it is not killed for.

I would wish for all hate in this world to be reduced. The constant disruption and bullying is not good. People need to learn they are doing ‘wrong’. They may think it is not wrong, but if all hate was reduced and they realised they were upsetting somebody maybe we’d get somewhere. But if there was no hate, mental health issues or the like, we wouldn’t know which is a happy point in our lives. And we continue to live through these hard times, remembering what happened but still going on, showing the ‘haters’ that they haven’t damaged your beauty or mainstream life. Because you’ve moved on from that.


In all cases this can’t happen, some things stick with us and torment us forever. But fear makes you kind, in the long run. It’s not a bad thing to have a bad thing happen to you, most of it’s jealousy or feeling alone. That bully wants to feel on top of you becuase she/he isn’t on top of anything else. That is somehting very humane.

I’d ask for all art to be recognised. The realise that someting is behind everything in our lives, and that people would be grateful down to the last tooth to have fallen out. We all get ungrateful and very grumpy at times, it’s the most human thing we do. But when we are in a happy state, or angry state, try and relive yourself and look at the things around you. Just the thing infront of you, that you are reading this blog post on.

Nature is what brought us here, now, in this moment. Recognise the tree outside your house and ask, why is there and where did it come from? Just from the ordinary things we learn so much.

Gratefulness and honesty is something we all need to come together and provide before the societies forget completeley. Come on world, let’s be kind.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow | How Bad Are Your’s?

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: Tag

What does this remind you of? To me it reminds me how lucky I am to have those days. In those days I have smiled so much, met people I have never seen before, greeted family I haven’t seen since earlier this year. And as I look back at the photos I grin, then I yawn… and I finally thank.


A re-draw of @Undefined_’s OC


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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

What does this remind you of? To me it reminds me how lucky I am to have those days. In those days I have smiled so much, met people I have never seen before, greeted family I haven’t seen since earlier this year. And as I look back at the photos I grin, then I yawn… and I finally thank.

Yesterday I was at home mostly all day. My brother and I’s friends went up to a nearby wood – with to many Nerf guns for our own good and had a Nerf War. My dad taught us things he did when he was an air cadet, as I sweated myself out because I was wearing dungarees in 24 degree heat. In the rest of the afternoon I took all the clothes from my old wardrobe into the new (it was set up that morning), watched Doctor Who and drew like nobody’s buisness. I’ll show you the page of sketches:


I digitalised the second.


Today I am writing blog posts, for today and Friday. After this I will practise my Cello thoroughly as I have been on camp and then holiday so everything I’ve learnt this year is slacking. I’m meant to be ‘ready for my Grade One’ at the end of these holidays… 

But today I am going shopping with my best friend (who lives away and I have not seen her since 6ish weeks ago). There will be photos and laughter and trying on ridiculous clothes…! I can’t wait.

Tomorrow I have nothing planned. Tomorrow I will be at home sketching and hopefully writing. It will be a chill day, I’m thinking. I will do my best to read all of your recent blog posts and set my blog up and running again. It’s been at the back of my mind at the minute.

I nominate:

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I did this one on holiday.

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This tag was begun by Kitty Jade.

How were/are your yesterdays, todays and tomorrows? Feel free to do this tag even if I haven’t nominated you!


The Theory Of Everything Under Our Noses | Thought Before Action

Calm isn’t quiet. I listen to calm’s noise. Calm speaks calm which therefore makes it calm. The theory applies to all emotions. You begin to feel happy as you speak (act) happy. You begin to feel fear as you speak (act) fear. Life is a theory of emotion. That’s why they say think before you speak. But you think after you speak too. They say imagine your emotion in your head for it too become of itself. Thinking before everything. If you think about a dream, a dream will come true. Likewise, if you think about a nightmare it will come true. Not silly visions. But you will see the monster within a person. You will see the miracle within your life. As if everything is thought. 

Plato believed there was a world of ideas, and then one of reality. The world of ideas came before the world of reality. He said that the ‘idea’ chicken came before both the chicken and the egg. For everything he believed in the world of ideas. Including emotion. 

But this is an overriding of thoughts in my head. Short sentences to just get everything out of my head. It’s like the theory of everything – thought before action. People’s words that we skip past, are words of wisdom. Everything has thought behind it. And I’m proving myself in every sentences I’m typing out here.

Thought before action. The theory of everything. 

Even coming from a tiny human child’s mind. This is true. And I can think.

People say nature’s calm. But when the door shuts all I can hear are my thoughts, and pencil on paper as I write. Wind is noisy. It doesn’t though mean it is not calm. A raging sea is calm. We listen to it crashes and think of calm. Words mean so much. I love words. 

I now need to link up all my gibberish. But before I write a book about it, I may as well let my first audience know first. You are the first people I have spoken to with proper views on society, proper ideas. I have grown to you. I love you all!

Now what am I? All things I have mentioned here I could pick out and ramble on about. But today I’m going to leave you with this. This is all.

Excuse my weird language here, I just noted random things as I sketched outside. This is what happens when I get a mind of my own!

To The Long Future Ahead | Superwoman

To The Future!

In the UK, many of us broke up from school for summer break just yesterday. It was a very emotional last day. I’m not moving schools but my favourite teacher has been lead to pasture’s new. I don’t blame her for leaving though, and if you’re reading, thank you. I have a poem for you:

If you’re reading this,

I think you know,

That you’re the one,

To let creativity show.


If you’re liking this,

I think you need,

To know that you,

Cured us from greed.

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