The Theory Of Everything Under Our Noses | Thought Before Action

Calm isn’t quiet. I listen to calm’s noise. Calm speaks calm which therefore makes it calm. The theory applies to all emotions. You begin to feel happy as you speak (act) happy. You begin to feel fear as you speak (act) fear. Life is a theory of emotion. That’s why they say think before you speak. But you think after you speak too. They say imagine your emotion in your head for it too become of itself. Thinking before everything. If you think about a dream, a dream will come true. Likewise, if you think about a nightmare it will come true. Not silly visions. But you will see the monster within a person. You will see the miracle within your life. As if everything is thought. 

Plato believed there was a world of ideas, and then one of reality. The world of ideas came before the world of reality. He said that the ‘idea’ chicken came before both the chicken and the egg. For everything he believed in the world of ideas. Including emotion. 

But this is an overriding of thoughts in my head. Short sentences to just get everything out of my head. It’s like the theory of everything – thought before action. People’s words that we skip past, are words of wisdom. Everything has thought behind it. And I’m proving myself in every sentences I’m typing out here.

Thought before action. The theory of everything. 

Even coming from a tiny human child’s mind. This is true. And I can think.

People say nature’s calm. But when the door shuts all I can hear are my thoughts, and pencil on paper as I write. Wind is noisy. It doesn’t though mean it is not calm. A raging sea is calm. We listen to it crashes and think of calm. Words mean so much. I love words. 

I now need to link up all my gibberish. But before I write a book about it, I may as well let my first audience know first. You are the first people I have spoken to with proper views on society, proper ideas. I have grown to you. I love you all!

Now what am I? All things I have mentioned here I could pick out and ramble on about. But today I’m going to leave you with this. This is all.

Excuse my weird language here, I just noted random things as I sketched outside. This is what happens when I get a mind of my own!

To The Long Future Ahead | Superwoman

To The Future!

In the UK, many of us broke up from school for summer break just yesterday. It was a very emotional last day. I’m not moving schools but my favourite teacher has been lead to pasture’s new. I don’t blame her for leaving though, and if you’re reading, thank you. I have a poem for you:

If you’re reading this,

I think you know,

That you’re the one,

To let creativity show.


If you’re liking this,

I think you need,

To know that you,

Cured us from greed.

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The Universe Is A Lie | Poem and Reasoning

Dear Creator Being,

How big or how small.

I sometimes wonder if you happened at all.

But that’s beside the point, because really:

Are you brave and strong or fearful and weary?

Dear Creator Being,

How nice or how mean,

I sometimes wonder if you’ve never seen.

But that’s important, because really,

Are you dead from something that is very bleary?

Dear Creator Being,

How weird or how withered,

I sometimes wonder if you have delivered.

But that’s questionable, because really,

Are you scared of the thing that is nearly…

Here, Creator Being?

Are you scared of the end?

Scared of life turning around the bend?

Here Creator Being, where things stand high,

I think that the universe was always a lie.

Dear Creator Being,

At the end of it all,

Are we just an experiment,

And you get payed for the fall?

Kitty Jade @ 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Don’t Forget The Second World You’re Living In

Nothing is ever at right timing on this blog! But what is right timing? It leads us very nicely on to my post of today.

According to one of four Great Greek Philosophers, Plato’s theories on reality and mindset begin to look like this:

There are two regions; one region is the world of senses, about which we can only have approximate or incomplete knowledge by using our five (approximate and incomplete) senses. In this sensory world, ‘everything flows’ and nothing is permanent. Nothing in the sensory world is, there are only things that come to be and pass away.

The other region his Philosophy works by is the world of ideas, about which we can have true knowledge by using our reason. The world of ideas cannot be perceived by the senses, but the ideas (or forms) are eternal and immutable.


According to Plato, man is a dual creature. We have a body that ‘flows’, is inseparably bound to the world of senses, and is subject to the same fate as everything else in the world – a soap-bubble, for example. All out senses are based in the body and are consequently unreliable. But we also have an immortal soul, and this soul is the realm of reason. And not being physical, the soul can survey the world of ideas.

A lot to throw at you just there! Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful weekend –

I’ll talk at you next week.

You Hate Me? | Poem

Hello Internet!

Sorry for the lateness in post, usually there’d be one up by now. Recently I have just been more human, talking less interest in blogging and more in art and my progression of things (school and all). Not much of an excuse, I know, but at least there’s a post today.

Yet again, out of bad luck.

No more pennies to spend,

No more lies to bend,

You’re villain, from a book.

Yet again, out of good weight.

No more pounds to put on,

No more ‘looking like a moron’,

You’re fat, and you hate.

Yet again, out of big smiles,

No more happiness to bring,

No more value to spring,

You’re evil, and you’re vile.

Yet again, out of the street,

No more insurance to pay,

No more cans to spray,

You’re storming, and you bleat.

So what I’m trying to say,

Is that you’re wrong in the moment.

That you will make a change,

But you’re anger is opponent.

This poem was not directed for any of you! You are all so amazing and supportive. Even when I’m coming and going all the time!

Have a wonderful week, all of you.