To The Long Future Ahead | Superwoman

To The Future!

In the UK, many of us broke up from school for summer break just yesterday. It was a very emotional last day. I’m not moving schools but my favourite teacher has been lead to pasture’s new. I don’t blame her for leaving though, and if you’re reading, thank you. I have a poem for you:

If you’re reading this,

I think you know,

That you’re the one,

To let creativity show.


If you’re liking this,

I think you need,

To know that you,

Cured us from greed.

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I’m Not Dead Yet | Social Media, School and Sadness

I’ve decided to write. What else could I do? I thought I’d go and draw in the garden but, no. I just came right back to my laptop and started writing. Maybe I don’t have Writer’s Block. Maybe that’s just the same feeling I get every week, ‘I’m not creative right now, let me watch Doctor Who in my room and shut myself from Earth for as long as possible’

As soon as I took my ‘break’, it didn’t feel better at all. You may think I’ve only been gone a day but really, I haven’t. I have been away for about half a month. Yup, not writing. And it felt awful.

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There’s No Such Thing As Happily Ever After

I’m not crazy – I’m just unique. Let me ramble for a bit as I discuss life in general.

Not everyone is beautiful. It’s just the solid truth. Never a day goes by when we don’t stop in the mirror and point out our imperfections to ourselves. Society has you gripped to looking ‘beautiful’. They swerve things in unnoticed directions and we start to buy these ‘beauty’ products. That’s only because those ugly b**ches want money. Of course, if that’s your trade you want the world to buy your products. Your ‘beauty’ products.

The things that don’t actually make you beautiful but allow you to appear to society as a ‘pretty’ one. This is the world’s issue.

So already we know why not everyone is beautiful. Because some people are downright horrid and ugly. That is why the statement cannot exist. 

When you are born, you have beauty within you. It’s your choice whether to let that grow or not. Your other option is to let that wrinkle away inside of you until you become scared.

However, the seed is still within you. If you’ve done wrong or placed a foot in the wrong path then it’s only YOU that can water that seed and start it growing again. Because no-one knows how you feel. No-one can interact with your heart and soul like you do. So begin your second, minute. hour or day with that positive, beautiful vibe.

Depression and anxiety are the only barriers keeping you away from that. I say, go and tackle them; fight them; do whatever you can to defeat those tiny mental beasts before they defeat you. There’s no time to rest with them mingling with your brain. Try and find at least one way out of these Hunger Games.

And the game begins. The blow of a horn and you’re off again – no chance to stop lying around with someone trying to ‘kill’ you. Kill your beautifullness, and your righteous attitude. It’s there – being munched away. Only if there was weed-killer for the brain.

Courage is the first step to great success. As long as you have courage…

I’m going to leave the rest to you, my reader. I’m going to let you finish this story with your ideal happily ever after.

The end.

Two Words That Will Kill Us All

Who’s going to change the world if you don’t? Your plans, schemes to make earth a happier place will vanish – if you don’t start now. Think about every thing you see, it’s not all to standards. We can never be perfect, but getting close is our aim.

People dropping litter. If you see it happening, pick up what they dropped and put it in the bin. If you can, have a word with them and say what they’ve done wrong. Get in touch with local newspapers or make leaflets and posters for shops to hand out and promote your change. Start now.

An over-use of paper and glue in your school. Our’s could win a medal in this. Write to The Head, talk to your teachers. Try and sort out a reasonable using of these things.

You using too much electricity and paper. Make the most of your space. Charge your phones and tablets only when you need to. Switch off plug sockets when they are not in use. Even if the lamp’s not on – if it’s plugged in it can still be using electricity.

Climate change and global warming has really hit us in the last couple of years. ‘Why all the humidity, I mean, in England – really?” the answer to that one my friend is in fact: global warming. Two words that will kill us all.

Look around you right now. Is there anything there that is affecting the issue? Maybe you have a light on that doesn’t need to be used – or a device on it’s lock screen wasting it’s batttery percentage? Are there some unnecessary plugs switched on?

Think – you know what thought did. Helped us and demolished us. But you can make the right decision, I see it in you.

Choose to be smart. Even a wise man knows he doesn’t know everything. 

With a lot more to say,


Sometimes, I Hate My Blog. *haha totally not clickbait ;)*

My blog has been a big goal of mine for 2018; however, after taking ‘time off’ the fact that it’s not up to standards has been a daunting task. So I begin, setting minimalistic goals and telling you all about why I haven’t been interacting with you as much in the last month or so.

Firstly, I would like to discuss why I haven’t been with you for the past couple of months. Everyday I try and give myself enough time to read through your new posts and write good responses – but there are so many of you to catch up with (I’m not complaining about the amont of talent my readers have by the way). You spend as much time as I do on your blog – maybe more – and I know the effort… well, no buts, umm, I guess I just haven’t had the time to do so.

img_1796I limit my screen-time, I hate being on screens for too long because it kinda makes me sick and fed up. So I do 20 minutes in the morning, 40 in the aftrenoon/evening and on a weekend enough time to watch YouTube (Zoella vlogs can go on for nearly an hour and I’m not missing that!)

I will try to get at least ten posts read and responded to everyday. I cannot read every single post you guys make, which is unfortunate. Some posts are lovely and long – and those I save for when I have extra time, and I can properly read through them and make an essay of a response XD (Happens naturally) because after all the time and effort going into your long post it’s not a case of just writing ‘Great” in the comment section – it’s really worth a lot more. And so are the short ones, and the simple but describing picture ones, every single one is in need of a lot more praise than I give. And I’m truly sorry.

Secondly, I would like to discuss what I have so far achieved on this blog, and what’s to come.

Things I need to improve/goals from now forth:

  • Variety. I have a lot of variety here, I guess. But usually all of the ‘same thing’ is clogged together. I just started my poetry hobby and all you’ve seen here, is that. I’ve also got some future posts coming up – diary kind of things –  but yet again they are all in one place. At the start of the year I had a ‘variety” planner for my blog. And I should really get that back. All that basically is, is a rough idea of what’s on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday (the days I post). What I should do is a diary entry on Monday, re-capping my week, a short poem or similar paragraph on Wednesday, and a good old ramble on Friday etc.


  • Photos and incorporating them into my posts and website design. For some posts, I have had no relavant images. but for some I need them. All my photos are the ones of the outside. But I sometimes need go to Pexels for relavant images if that is not of my photography ‘taste’ 
  • Promotion. It’s easier said than done. I will have a whole other post on this in the near future, and telling you why my promotion is not up to it’s uppermost.

They seem pretty achievable for the rest of the year?

What I’ve achieved:

  • An uplevel. I now pay for the WordPress ‘Personal’ plan to remove weird advertisments and lift my domain name plus adding more proffessional features to my website in general. This helps boost my motivation here a lot!
  • A lot more follower support. When I started blogging in early 2017 I was not very ‘up there’, if you see where I’m coming from. I now have gained more support and started putting myself out there with better content than what I began with.

With my hiatius I haven’t exactly been the most productive but I have certainly found myself in the blogging world.


I have never revealed my age here – and to avoid confusion I am not going to. But dare I ask you, my readers, from my writing, how old do you think I am? *this will be amusing XD*

You guys have been the best this year, supporting me through my presence and absensce. I love you all.

Good luck with your 2018! Have a great time with what’s left (hasn’t it flown by?)!