The Best Rant In The Internet | I Don’t Think…

After this ramble, I feel like I know more about where everything’s gone wrong.

I can’t keep saying “I don’t know what to write”, because, that’s old now. I am sure everyone says ‘I don’t know what to write’ when they open their Safari window and have to write for a schedule. 

The last time I opened Pages to write my blog was 6 days ago. I’ve missed writing my post for Sunday and school starts back on Wednesday (I’m writing this on Tuesday). So, what can I say…

Take a creative break? I hope I will bottle up some creativity before next time we see each other. I do have lots of ideas to write about – but the words I use aren’t consistent. I may start really well with a good opener… and end on a ‘bye’ just like that. So I’m going to rant. But… this is only part one. I decided I’d split it up so at least you’d end up reading it (and I can spread it over a few days which means bonus posts!)

I want to write, and write well. It’s been 7 long weeks since I had an English lesson (even those were practising a performance and eating cake). So I have no grammatical skill right now. And all the words coming from my keyboard are dull… and stupid.

I had this whole new schedule idea and a productive blogging notebook and a creative mind. Now the schedule is out-of-order, the notebook is at the back of the wardrobe and my only creative confidence is in drawing. I’ve not done any photography for weeks now – I never uploaded what I had taken (however my camera took a turn and a series of good angles and photoshots were destroyed by a really heavy exposure).

So most of my posts are blank, boring and not-worth-reading. That’s why no-one comments anymore, the same people like my posts…

I have some followers for philosophy (something I need to talk about more often and I think that’s where I’ve lost interest), some for poetry and some for… art? I think I will have to take a break for a week to a month and write a ton of posts and then put them out to you.

After this ramble, I feel like I know more about where everything’s gone wrong.

If you’ve stuck to the end, I congratulate you. There are too many things going around in my head right now I don’t know how this sounds.

If you’re reading this, I’ve not re-read, edited or checked this post at all. Enjoy the raw.

The Most Crazy Morning/Night You Will Never Experience

You may be thinking, ‘oh I’m looking forward to the new change’… but: 

Art on a Friday just isn’t going to work, so I’m going to have it as art/random – because we all need a good old ramble! So, last night this morning I woke up at 1:30, I imagine. I read my book until 2:30 which I thought would pass the time. I thought it was about 6:00am but I got out of bed and looked at my iPad.

2:43, whoops.

I went back into my bed for about half-an-hour. I had a dream of my brother and I but he was speaking to me and I spoke back. It seemed so real, and I wanted to stay there. But I started thinking about how I must be sleep talking, then was too tired to carry on in the dream – so quit it. I could stop and start my dream just like that.

It was pitch black in my room – but I could make out a figure luring at the end of my bed. I wanted to get it off – and with my slippers on I kicked it (I was too tired to take them off last night). And then, oh, a meow crying from outside of my room. I kicked my cat off my bed. 

I woke up again at about 2:50, watched some YouTube and waited for the clock to turn. I decided at 3:00 to get up and go downstairs. I watched some Doctor Who (ironically the episode was “Sleep No More”) and considered getting ready for the day, but I knew I’d make too much noise. I watched until The Doctor started saying ‘sleep is essential’ blah-blah. There were a series of loud bangs throughout that morning…

I went back to bed and had another dream. This one made me feel the most uncomfortable. We started off at my Granny’s house. There were knocks and bangs (like earlier that morning) and people were saying ‘stay, stay! It’s nothing!’. I’m not sure what happened after that but everyone had left but my dad, brother and I. We were in the living room and heard more bangs and cracks and voices coming nearer. This is when the house turned into our’s. We were in our living room – Jon playing with Nerf guns and we were talking and watching TV, it seemed settled. 

The people must have been in our kitchen, but one man came into the room we were in and said ‘I thought this was my house, sorry’. All of them left, I had lots of things going around in my head.

At some point in that dream I saw Clara on the episode I was previously watching of Doctor Who and she said, definitely not in the cellar. But these men were in the cellar of both our houses – even though we don’t have one. 

Then comes another dream…

We were in Greece (mum, dad, my brother and I) somehow I knew my dad and mum had this villa there. I’d ‘seen it before’. Their bedroom was a shop, and those men from the previous dream were on a market that said ‘artists only’. I was an artist? My mum and dad weren’t allowed! And Jon was pulled up by the Police. I walked from one end of the market to another where the villa stood. Mum came through the front entrance of the other side and gave me a ‘house tour’ but we only went to her bedroom. I was a shop! I can barely see what the house was overall – I just can’t remeber, maybe I didn’t look.

I was in Greece but it seemed very Italian. There was that really disturbing ‘artists only’ market but there was a lovely square. To get to the market you had to use an alley leading from the main square. Our ‘villa’ was in the square and mum and dad’s room was completely glass, and was a clothes shop. It really confused me. 

You probably can’t understand my over-thinking mind, but I have so many theories already of how that morning began. 

I may edit it but if you’re reading this its completely raw.

From 1 To 1000!

From March to December 2017 there were 10 of us. Now there’s 112 of us! Thank you so, so much Internet, for listening to my useless rambles, poems and philosophy! I’m sure you wouldn’t have stuck around if it wasn’t for my charisma 😉 (like I have any of that!). 

I’m going on holiday from this Saturday to the following, sorry for my inactivity. But I’ll be back with plenty more to ramble about!

See you soon,


To The Long Future Ahead | Superwoman

To The Future!

In the UK, many of us broke up from school for summer break just yesterday. It was a very emotional last day. I’m not moving schools but my favourite teacher has been lead to pasture’s new. I don’t blame her for leaving though, and if you’re reading, thank you. I have a poem for you:

If you’re reading this,

I think you know,

That you’re the one,

To let creativity show.


If you’re liking this,

I think you need,

To know that you,

Cured us from greed.

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The Universe Is A Lie | Poem and Reasoning

Dear Creator Being,

How big or how small.

I sometimes wonder if you happened at all.

But that’s beside the point, because really:

Are you brave and strong or fearful and weary?

Dear Creator Being,

How nice or how mean,

I sometimes wonder if you’ve never seen.

But that’s important, because really,

Are you dead from something that is very bleary?

Dear Creator Being,

How weird or how withered,

I sometimes wonder if you have delivered.

But that’s questionable, because really,

Are you scared of the thing that is nearly…

Here, Creator Being?

Are you scared of the end?

Scared of life turning around the bend?

Here Creator Being, where things stand high,

I think that the universe was always a lie.

Dear Creator Being,

At the end of it all,

Are we just an experiment,

And you get payed for the fall?

Kitty Jade @ 2018. All Rights Reserved.