From 1 To 1000!

From March to December 2017 there were 10 of us. Now there’s 112 of us! Thank you so, so much Internet, for listening to my useless rambles, poems and philosophy! I’m sure you wouldn’t have stuck around if it wasn’t for my charisma 😉 (like I have any of that!). 

I’m going on holiday from this Saturday to the following, sorry for my inactivity. But I’ll be back with plenty more to ramble about!

See you soon,


To The Long Future Ahead | Superwoman

To The Future!

In the UK, many of us broke up from school for summer break just yesterday. It was a very emotional last day. I’m not moving schools but my favourite teacher has been lead to pasture’s new. I don’t blame her for leaving though, and if you’re reading, thank you. I have a poem for you:

If you’re reading this,

I think you know,

That you’re the one,

To let creativity show.


If you’re liking this,

I think you need,

To know that you,

Cured us from greed.

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The Universe Is A Lie | Poem and Reasoning

Dear Creator Being,

How big or how small.

I sometimes wonder if you happened at all.

But that’s beside the point, because really:

Are you brave and strong or fearful and weary?

Dear Creator Being,

How nice or how mean,

I sometimes wonder if you’ve never seen.

But that’s important, because really,

Are you dead from something that is very bleary?

Dear Creator Being,

How weird or how withered,

I sometimes wonder if you have delivered.

But that’s questionable, because really,

Are you scared of the thing that is nearly…

Here, Creator Being?

Are you scared of the end?

Scared of life turning around the bend?

Here Creator Being, where things stand high,

I think that the universe was always a lie.

Dear Creator Being,

At the end of it all,

Are we just an experiment,

And you get payed for the fall?

Kitty Jade @ 2018. All Rights Reserved.

The Unsuspectable | Novel By Kitty Jade

Chapter Three

Monday 4th September

‘Words taken from an unsuspecting book seem unsuspectable.’ I read out to the class. 

It was my first day at middle school and I don’t think even the teacher knew that ‘time isn’t a strict progression of cause to effect but actually a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.’ He said it was absurd! 

We all had to bring in an unsuspecting book; mine was called ‘The Unsuspectable Book’ so I did take everything quite literally. My new tutor, Mr. Smith, said that it looked much like something from the past, which he would revisit in a history lesson. 

Joesph Fleiss looked to me with his trademark glare. I decided to just carry on and ‘be confident’, but before too long Mr. Smith sent me to sit down again.

The next presentation was from the man himself, Fleiss. His book didn’t have a cover but on the first page read a title ‘Noah’s Ark’. I’m sure I’d heard of that before. Apparently this book was unsuspectable because it didn’t have a title on the cover, and that the title itself didn’t give away much too. Mr. Smith exclaimed it was brilliant and philosophical and asked him to come back at break! 

The rest of the lesson drained on as I sneakily held my Unsuspectable Book under the table. I opened the book, and some weird writing appeared on the inside cover, it read:

‘The world isn’t a sphere. The atmosphere is spherical. The world is actually a big blob in a mess of time. Now tell me, why do humans exist? Because they don’t. Human’s don’t exist. They’ve gone. They’ve gone all the way up to the end of time and beginning of end. They’ve gone to live again, Noah.’

I slammed the book with fear. Curiosity opened it again. 

It was blank that time, the writing had disappeared.

I slammed the book with fear. Curiosity looked at the teacher.

Curiosity heard the bell ring and immediately shot off for break.




Chapter Four

Monday 4th September

Back again. Just going to update you that some weird graffiti is all over the toilets. It says ‘Bad Wolf’, ‘Time Lord’, ‘Blue Box’ and ‘Hope’. Four things I don’t think link together. Unless maybe my new teacher psychic and the stuff I missed when Curiosity was talking to me was actually something important. Meh, probably not. But Mr. Smith seemed a bit weird. I think he knows something important but he keeps forgetting to tell someone. He’s a forgetful man. 

The French Lesson

Today I learnt that this new tutor of mine loves saying ‘Allons-y’ and wants to know someone called Alonso so he can say ‘Allons-y Alonso!’. He’s mad. More on that later.

Anyway, I’ve found that those words I found in the toilets are words of time and should not be touched. Mr Smith went into a trance in the French lesson and started speaking those words again and again. Everyone else didn’t notice and thought nothing of it – as if they’d never heard anything. Eyre Brookes (I’ve kind of made friends with him now) said that I was as mad as him saying that he went into a ‘trance’. People said nothing happened but I know very well that this new teacher of mine is not normal. 




Chapter Five

Time Unknown

We’ve established that this man is not normal and that I am just as mad. We’ve also found a creepy book that replies to me. We’ve also found four ‘ever-lasting’ phrases.

Tell me now that I’m not mad.

‘You’re not mad’ 

What does ‘Bad Wolf’ mean?


Rose what? What do you mean?



Click here to see the first part of ‘Yes I Can Mummy, Unsuspectable”

The Most Wonderful Day | Plus Mini Haul | Diary

Saturday 30th June 2018

The Most Wonderful Day

Today has been the most wonderfully beautiful day – and it’s still not over.

I had a very productive morning (I say morning, I mean 8:00am to about 2:00pm). I posted a very long post, and it was relieving to see it done, had plenty of Cello practise and basically wrote and wrote and wrote. Amazing, relaxing, wonderful.

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The afternoon has been a pleasure so far. I went into town with my dad and brother (who’s blog looms in this corner of the internet) and it was really relaxing. We ran errands and did some shopping – a haul in which I will show today – went a lovely little cafe and honestly, had the best tea. I’ve never been one for iced tea but this soda was gorgeous. I have it twice before and every time I go to that little cafe I never look for anything else!

We sat and chatted yet I sadly didn’t take pictures (stupid me, at least the memory is my mind) for about half-an-hour. Whilst I was chilling, I read some of your blog posts which were of course as amazing as ever. I read through some of my cringey old ones too! (don’t search for them)

We then went to do the weekly grocery shop and wrapped it all up nicely. From upstairs I can smell the fresh food and the cooking that is being prepared! I am so grateful for this day, most honestly!

I think I am now going to plan tomorrow and do a bit of tidying around. 

Today has been the best day ever.

Related image


Here’s for the haul. 

I now lay what I have bought today in front of me and begin to feel warmed. I have bought a book, Rainbow Drops (they’re not in front of me because I’ve eaten them already), crystallised ginger, a card for my friends soon birthday and some ingredients for a DIY baking post that I will be putting together tomorrow! 

The book grabbed my attention – not only Shakespeare in Baker’s trademark long scarf but the ‘humour’ written precisely on the back. We love a sarcastic novel! I am currently doing a Shakespeare project for school, and combining it with my most dear fandom is literally the best. I may do a book review but you’ll definitely see it in the future, whatever! I bought this from the local bookshop for £9:99 and I don’t think that’s a rip-off! 

Image result for dr who the shakespeare notebooks


Secondly, the foodie side of things. I have been craving Rainbow Drops for so many weeks and my friends probably think I’m mad when I’m muttering under my breath ‘I really want some Rainbow Drops right now’! I ate them (but also shared them) whilst walking around the outdoor market. I got images from Google so I hope these will do! 

Image result for rainbow drops

Crystalised ginger is one of those things that just relates with all seasons. In the extremely warm weather it has been a desire for me to just pick out a tangy ginger cube and pop it my mouth. And these two things are treats and maybe you already know by now that I’m a health freak XD so please don’t judge.

Related image
If you are new here then maybe it isn’t the best first impression! Little rambles like these pop up occasionally and if you would like to see when, then make sure to follow so you never miss a thing!

Stay beautiful my readers and I hope you had an equally enjoyable Saturday!