Don’t Forget The Second World You’re Living In

Nothing is ever at right timing on this blog! But what is right timing? It leads us very nicely on to my post of today.

According to one of four Great Greek Philosophers, Plato’s theories on reality and mindset begin to look like this:

There are two regions; one region is the world of senses, about which we can only have approximate or incomplete knowledge by using our five (approximate and incomplete) senses. In this sensory world, ‘everything flows’ and nothing is permanent. Nothing in the sensory world is, there are only things that come to be and pass away.

The other region his Philosophy works by is the world of ideas, about which we can have true knowledge by using our reason. The world of ideas cannot be perceived by the senses, but the ideas (or forms) are eternal and immutable.


According to Plato, man is a dual creature. We have a body that ‘flows’, is inseparably bound to the world of senses, and is subject to the same fate as everything else in the world – a soap-bubble, for example. All out senses are based in the body and are consequently unreliable. But we also have an immortal soul, and this soul is the realm of reason. And not being physical, the soul can survey the world of ideas.

A lot to throw at you just there! Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful weekend –

I’ll talk at you next week.

The Unsuspectable | Novel By Kitty Jade

Chapter Three

Monday 4th September

‘Words taken from an unsuspecting book seem unsuspectable.’ I read out to the class. 

It was my first day at middle school and I don’t think even the teacher knew that ‘time isn’t a strict progression of cause to effect but actually a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.’ He said it was absurd! 

We all had to bring in an unsuspecting book; mine was called ‘The Unsuspectable Book’ so I did take everything quite literally. My new tutor, Mr. Smith, said that it looked much like something from the past, which he would revisit in a history lesson. 

Joesph Fleiss looked to me with his trademark glare. I decided to just carry on and ‘be confident’, but before too long Mr. Smith sent me to sit down again.

The next presentation was from the man himself, Fleiss. His book didn’t have a cover but on the first page read a title ‘Noah’s Ark’. I’m sure I’d heard of that before. Apparently this book was unsuspectable because it didn’t have a title on the cover, and that the title itself didn’t give away much too. Mr. Smith exclaimed it was brilliant and philosophical and asked him to come back at break! 

The rest of the lesson drained on as I sneakily held my Unsuspectable Book under the table. I opened the book, and some weird writing appeared on the inside cover, it read:

‘The world isn’t a sphere. The atmosphere is spherical. The world is actually a big blob in a mess of time. Now tell me, why do humans exist? Because they don’t. Human’s don’t exist. They’ve gone. They’ve gone all the way up to the end of time and beginning of end. They’ve gone to live again, Noah.’

I slammed the book with fear. Curiosity opened it again. 

It was blank that time, the writing had disappeared.

I slammed the book with fear. Curiosity looked at the teacher.

Curiosity heard the bell ring and immediately shot off for break.




Chapter Four

Monday 4th September

Back again. Just going to update you that some weird graffiti is all over the toilets. It says ‘Bad Wolf’, ‘Time Lord’, ‘Blue Box’ and ‘Hope’. Four things I don’t think link together. Unless maybe my new teacher psychic and the stuff I missed when Curiosity was talking to me was actually something important. Meh, probably not. But Mr. Smith seemed a bit weird. I think he knows something important but he keeps forgetting to tell someone. He’s a forgetful man. 

The French Lesson

Today I learnt that this new tutor of mine loves saying ‘Allons-y’ and wants to know someone called Alonso so he can say ‘Allons-y Alonso!’. He’s mad. More on that later.

Anyway, I’ve found that those words I found in the toilets are words of time and should not be touched. Mr Smith went into a trance in the French lesson and started speaking those words again and again. Everyone else didn’t notice and thought nothing of it – as if they’d never heard anything. Eyre Brookes (I’ve kind of made friends with him now) said that I was as mad as him saying that he went into a ‘trance’. People said nothing happened but I know very well that this new teacher of mine is not normal. 




Chapter Five

Time Unknown

We’ve established that this man is not normal and that I am just as mad. We’ve also found a creepy book that replies to me. We’ve also found four ‘ever-lasting’ phrases.

Tell me now that I’m not mad.

‘You’re not mad’ 

What does ‘Bad Wolf’ mean?


Rose what? What do you mean?



Click here to see the first part of ‘Yes I Can Mummy, Unsuspectable”

Yes I Can Mummy | Novel Extract | Sneak Peek!

Related image


Monday 4th September 

I woke up, reality hit me again, it was the first day of Middle School, no hate, no anger. I was sitting on that very same bus I had day-dreamed off from. A young-looking boy was sitting next to me, I presume he must be in his first year too. I looked at the bag in front of his feet: it was quite ‘nerdy’, it had Star Wars patches on it and nothing was hanging out. 

I turned to him.

‘How are you? This you first day too?’

‘Yeah…’ he awkwardly exclaimed before averting his eyes out of the window.

I was being very awkward, the first thing I warn you not to do on your first day is to be friendly. Keep yourself to yourself.

I peered below my feet at my bag too. It was very plain, just black, with Adidas stripes. However things were hanging out of mine: my notebook, tag and everything.

I looked back at his, again.

His lanyard was hooked around the top handle… Eyre Brookes, it said.

Eyre Brookes, one line I will never forget.

Eyre Brookes…

Chapter One

Sunday 3rd September 

I’m Noah Archeletta. My name means “rest, repose”, “oak hollow”. I am going to try and find within myself the name’s purpose – and I thought writing it down would make me famous in the future. Because that’s what everyone wants, right?

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I’m Not Dead Yet | Social Media, School and Sadness

I’ve decided to write. What else could I do? I thought I’d go and draw in the garden but, no. I just came right back to my laptop and started writing. Maybe I don’t have Writer’s Block. Maybe that’s just the same feeling I get every week, ‘I’m not creative right now, let me watch Doctor Who in my room and shut myself from Earth for as long as possible’

As soon as I took my ‘break’, it didn’t feel better at all. You may think I’ve only been gone a day but really, I haven’t. I have been away for about half a month. Yup, not writing. And it felt awful.

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Dump Of The Month! | New Ideas

I’ve decided to start a new ‘thing’ called ‘Dump Of The Month’. I will use it only when I don’t know how to write. Usually I’ve got all the ideas, but not the artistry of putting it down in the way it is in my head XD

This is one of those things, and one of those times. So instead of rambling I give you a hella load of photos to look though 😉

I’d also like to say one massive thank you for 50 followers! It has taken a while, but it’s been one great journey 😉

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