Blackberry & Apple Crumble Recipe| The Consequence Of An Autumn Walk…

Good morning!

I haven’t done a baking post in a long time… but I have done a lot of baking. The end of August was chaotic with cake sales, birthdays and other sugary events. As September is the start of Autumn, I think it would be appropriate to do a seasonal bake: blackberry and apple crumble. 


Blackberries: Your main ingredient is easy to aquire and blackberry picking is a very fun activity! Just make sure that you are not trespassing private land or over-picking. You must leave some for the birds! We needed 500g to fill the dish. 

Bramely apples: We have an apple tree in the back garden but only needed three for this recipe. If you cannot pick from a tree, choose some Bramely apples from the supermarket! 

Flour: We used 8oz of flour (plain or self-raising doesn’t matter – this is just for the crumble)

Sugar: There is no exact measurement for the amount of sugar but we used it for stewing, the crumble and sprinkling on top of the blackberry and apple centre. Make sure you have enough for this!

Margarine: The last ingredient is 3oz of magarine (you could also use butter, but marg is softer and easier to work with)


  • First of all, stew the apple. You will need three finely sliced apples (cored and peeled) in a pan with a drop of water and enough sugar to reduce the sourness. It takes about 10 minutes, but in the meantime you can be prepring the crumble.


  • Rub together the margarine and flour until it becomes crumbly to touch. It will be a similar texture to the flour but less fine.


  • Add in a small amount of sugar: enough for it to taste slightly sweet. Don’t add too much because there is no going back. Mix in it will.
  • Your apple should be ready now. Spoon it into the bottom of a Pyrex or porcelain tray. Make sure the apple reaches every corner and that it is spread evenly.
  • Add fresh blackberries on top of the apple but not completely covering it! It should look a but like this:


  • Then add a light dust of sugar before you pour on the crumble topping. 03cda8a5-a204-4391-895e-38f615c98282
  • Put in the oven at 160-180 degrees Celsuis for 20-30 minutes or until golden brown on top!
  • Serve warm on its own or with a scoop of ice-cream – your choice!


Though this post is different to the usual bookish theme, I hope you enjoyed it! If you get a chance to follow this recipe then please show me your results (via email or Instagram).

Have you ever gone blackberry picking? What is your favourite part of autumn?

I hope you enjoy your day,




The Knife Of Never Letting Go | Patrick Ness | Book Review

My first time reading Patrick Ness was when I picked up A Monster Calls a few years ago. The author’s name did ring a bell but I couldn’t quite place it. After reading TKONLG, I realised that the same author wrote Release and A Monster Calls (both books that I adore). It’s funny that I could forget his name! I would call him unforgettable because he wrote an amazing Doctor Who spin-off called Class (if you didn’t know, I’m a massive Whovian).

Enough about the author; on to the good stuff. This book was such a good one to pluck me from a reading slump. The whole reason I was in the slump was because I couldn’t find a good book. The Knife Of Never Letting Go was so amazing! The writing style takes a few chapters to get used to. It is written in first person by the main protaganist, Todd. It was really interesting to see his character develop, because his spelling mistakes become fewer as the book progresses. The spelling mistakes did trigger me at first and sometimes that throws me off a book. However, the action started from word one and I was really intrigued.

This book takes many twists and turns. Like in every good book, the ending is always too abrupt (not in a bad way, but things took a turn in the last few pages and you are not prepared!). I’m very excited to read the next book in this series but I just can’t bear what will happen. I know it will be heart-breaking.

I do not want to spoil you so the cause of my tears will be remain unsaid. But there were a lot. 


I really enjoyed the part that Noise played in the book. There were various fonts to convey it’s persistence and volume. It made every villain more evil and everything was on a new emotional level. Todd could hear what everyone was thinking (what an Edward Cullen moment) except for all of the women (anymore Twilight vibes people?) because his town, Prentisstown, was home to only males. Todd was the only male that hadn’t grown into a man yet. He was still considered a boy and he was the last one in his town.

The men believed that Noise was a disease that killed all of the women. There are lots of sexist themes throughout this book (not from the author’s standpoint, but the politcal opinion in Prentisstown). This was a really interesting combination of science-fiction/dystopia/poetry. I know that sounds a bit crazy, but the Noise element of this book felt like a was reading a poem.

I’m sorry that this book review is all over the place. The point is that I really recommend that you read it! Once you have, or if you have, please discuss your thoughts in the comments below. I am always up for a book driven conversation!

Have you ever read this book? What did you think about the Noise element?

Have a lovely day,



“Then, just one month away from the birthday that will make Todd Hewitt a man, he unexpectedly stumbles on a spot of complete silence. Which is impossible. And now he’s going to have to run.”




Six Word Story

The grass’ dew reflected early sunlight.



September Bullet Journal Set-Up

I apologise in advance for talking about myself a lot in this post. You all feel like friends that I can openly rant to. I’m sorry if I misjudged that…

This month’s bullet-journal set-up was originally going to be a Doctor Who theme. Though, drawing lots of TARDISes and various aliens was going to be too much hard work. They all have their extreme amounts of detail which I simply didn’t have time for. Instead, I stuck with the space theme but did some simple doodles. This cover page is inspired by someone on Pinterest and it’s hard to find their username (it was some kind of repost?)


I did use Sharpies to colour in (oops) It was a sacrifice that I had to make because I’d much rather have pretty colours than the opposite! You can see the ghosting and bleeding but please try to ignore it XD


Sorry for the faint pencil, but this is the spread before I added any colour or fine-liner. The fine-liner I use is a Faber Castell in the size S. It’s almost running out so I will have to splurge on another multipack 🙂


This is my calendar spread with my habit tracker down the left-hand side. My goals for this month are, as always, practise my cello every day, workout every morning, read at least 50 pages a day and spend less than one hour on my phone.

You may not be able to read clearly, but on Friday 13th (spooky, I know) I’m going to see Connie Glynn on her book tour! She is releasing a book on the 5th September and going around some Waterstones bookshops to promote it. I’m really excited to read the third book in her series and to meet her will be absolutely amazing!

I don’t have many dates planned for this month and I’m hoping to keep my weekends as free as possible. Going back to school will be quite overwhelming (especially after so many weeks of recreation) and I will try and keep my weekends for blogging and relaxing (which are kind of the same thing).

I’m really excited for September and I hope that Autumn will be a productive time for me. The end of summer is always exciting because I get so busy and finish all of my half-done tasks, so that I can enter on a clean slate. Maybe my reading slump will be cured and hopefully I’ll keep on top of Instagram better.

Do you have any goals for this month? What is your bullet journal theme?

Have a lovely September (we’re already half-way through!)


A Court Of Thorns And Roses | Sarah J Mass | Book Review


This book was my first delve into high fantasy. Now, I love this genre so much. I don’t know why Sarah J Mass is unpopular because I absolutely loved this book. Hopefully the next two books in this trilogy will be just as good: I strongly dislike when the prequels are a let down! (Divergent, for example).

This book was a bit slow moving because of all the adjectives and detailed description. Yet I loved ACOTAR for that reason. It was so beautifully written and the characters were interesting too. I thought, at first, that Elian and Nesta were going to be like the ugly stepsisters – especially with Feyre doing so much work for the family. I was glad to find out that they were better than that. Sarah J Mass is great at character development – at least in some areas (I don’t think Wilan had much complexity but I still liked him).


I didn’t know what to expect from this novel and the corny cover threw me off slightly: “She stole a life. Now she must pay, with her heart” It sounded a bit cheesy but I was thrilled! I cannot recommend this book enough to any new fantasy lovers. After Six Of Crows, I didn’t know what to read next. I really want to get into the fantasy genre and book tuber A Clockwork Reader always has plenty to recommend, though I do not want my TBR to get too overwhelming.

Are there any fantasy novels I should read? What is your favourite genre?