Good Reading Habits Tag | Mood Reading, Small TBR & Unnecessary Bookish Items

Upon discovering a few new blogs, I also discovered this tag on Book Princess Reviews. Though I wasn’t nominated, I felt a bit cheeky and decided to do it anyways. The month is a bit of inbetween season so I’m sorry for the lack of interesting posts. It’s too early to get excited for Christmas but I am thinking up some creative ideas for that season anyways… oops. The Good Reading Habits Tag was created to bring recognition to your good reading habits – instead of what you want to improve. It’s a very positive ideas and just what I need at the moment!


Keeping A Small TBR

I’m very good at keeping my TBR small. At the moment it stands at only 22 books and most of them I will be seeking out at the library instead of buying. Having a small TBR means that I can go to library and pick up the books I want with freedom – instead of sticking to a TBR. This method works best for me because I’m a mood reader.

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Leave Me Alone | Poem | In A Messy World

For the first time ever, I had a panic attack in public. For the first time ever, I locked myself in a public bathroom. It was scary. But I was more ashamed than anything. My worst nightmare came true… Making a spectacle of myself in public. Of course my mind was going to dwell and […]

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November Bullet Journal Set-Up | New Moons & New Starts

Happy November!

There are two months left of the decade and I must admit that I’m excited. As the months go on I start waiting for the New Year because it is a time to start a fresh. However, instead of looking ahead, I’ve decided to start my “New Year” right now in November. I can’t waste two months with the excuse “it’s nearly 2020 I’ll start being healthy then”. With that idea in mind, I also started a new bullet journal. It’s half the size of the last one and instead of dotted pages it’s lined. However it’s worked really well so far and feels more like a journal than a productivity bank. I now enjoy coming to write in my bujo instead of dreading it. 

Here’s an insight into my November set-up. I also filmed this process and posted it on IGTV (link is here)

I decided that the theme for this month would be moon phases. Amanda Rach Lee did this theme last month so I’m a bit of a copycat. It seemed really appropriate as I am starting fresh like a New Moon. The cover page is a bit boring but the simpler the better! I first started by drawing the black shadow but then – upon consideration – decided to finish the circle with a black fineliner. 

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Six Word Story

There’s a battle in her head.



Autumn Tag | Dungarees, Stormy Nights & Chai Lattes

After seeing this post on Zoe Ware’s blog, it put me in an autumnal mood so I wanted to participate in it! Though I am quiet person I find questions are a great ice-breaker. It is much easier to answer a question than hold a normal conversation. Being normal is a challenge in itself XD

Silent nights or windy ones?

Though I love silence, windy nights are my favourite. They make me feel super cosy. The sound of rain is really soothing and nothing helps me get to sleep better than its pitter patter on the windows.

Cold rain or heavy fog. What do you enjoy more?

Heavy fog in the morning is beautiful! I went for a run the other week and it was so foggy that I could hardly see my hand in front of my face.


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