Talking is hard, so instead I write.

Welcome to my blog. I am Erin (short for Catherine, call me either) and my life is a confusion of books, tea, school and travel. Here is where I review the books, spill the tea and document the travel.

When my head is not stuck in a book, you will find me bullet journalling, practising my cello or travelling. I am heavily influenced by the adventures of my life and am always seeking new ones!

I started this blog because I am an introvert and a creative. Blogging is a good way to channel my thoughts without speaking to people. Speaking can cause a lot of misunderstanding. For me in particular, I tend to get words wrong or be silent in the wrong places. I’m not even going to try and cure my awkwardness because I love to be quiet. Through various social media platforms, I promote positive messages that mean a lot to me, and share my love for literature.

Thank you for stopping by. I will always be writing for those of you that stay!

erin x

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28 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi. Cath-erin. 🙂 ‘Found you commenting on another Brit’s blog and decided to take a peak. I have only scratched the surface; but I am a sucker for bookworms (as my Chat Café space will show) and mildly intrigued. I am a terrible reader, myself…more of a creator/artist, currently writing and developing some of my own would-be books.

    So, why the name divide? And, what…who…why? is Kitty Jade? I would guess a combination of a cat lover and a precious stone you favor. But, I am curious about the origin story. Could Kitty Jade be your Jane Eyre? 😛 Or, your Tom Sawyer?

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    • Hello. Reading would definitely help you with your writings, if you could find time! Kitty Jade is a name I’ve loved since I was very young. I would hate to use my name as a title for this blog: so I guess that what you’re saying is right – it’s my alter-ego. Kitty Jade is the person I am when I’m writing and it suddenly makes me feel more confident 🙃 Thank you for your interesting questions and I hope to see you on my blog again!


      • I find reading helps a little, but, it’s hard for me to take time to read when I want and need to get so much else done. As a very creative person starved for activity, making time for reading is like leaving a car parked in the garage. If I’m not writing/creating, reading instead, I am losing creation time. But, I have been doing more reading in recent years, for calming purposes, mostly.

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  2. Hi, Erin! My name is Esther. I just found out about your blog through the collab you did with Jasmin; I love it and can’t wait to see more great posts!! Keep up the good work! 🙂


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