About Me

Hello Universe!

I guess I’m here because of my passion; because I love the things I ramble on about. The best inventions come accidentally, and that’s how I started this blog. I was just scrolling through the web (as you do) looking for inspiration for a novel…

Then I stumbled over ‘the blog plan’. Where I could draft random things, debate in philosophical terms, and show the internet who I am. 

This blog is also anonymous. I never share my face here on the internet. I can’t be judged from the outside. And I like that, because society is so determined to plaster chemicals on our face to make us ‘perfect’. But perfect doesn’t exist. Don’t even try to go by society.

I’m a Whovian – but I keep my geeky Doctor Who references to myself. Because barely anyone understands when I put ‘fantastic’ is capital letters and then put a wink face emoji next to it. Anyone?

I hope you help me along in my journey. Whether you’ve been here from the start or just joined, I encourage you to stick around! You have no idea what will come next 😉


I’m Erin and I put humanity last. 

What’s the meaning behind the stars?

How did the universe begin?

What’s the point of the human race when it’s killing the world anyway?

I’m not afraid of big questions – I’m afraid small answers.

I’m a bookworm. I’m a whovian. I’m an optimist.

I love to bake. I love to debate. I love to take photos.

Join me on my expedition around the universe – it’s going to be fun!


When I’m speechless it’s only because I’m mind-blown. The world is too big and the universe too small. Where shall we begin?

Spin around and put your finger on the map. We’ll start at the fingertip.

Are you coming?


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