Going To A Cat Café (Plus Other Things) | Liverpool Travel Diary

It should come as no surprise that I went to Liverpool… again 😂 Today I’ll be recording 26-27th April in a little travel diary for you! I took a lot more photos than I usually do, so you’re in for a treat.

As soon as we (we meaning my dad, mum and brother) arrived, we were soon to get to the Mersey Ferries office. We booked a trip that included a visit to Spaceport, the U-Boat story and a commentated ferry around the River Mersey. This excursion took up most of the day’s hours, but it was so worth it! I loved every bit of it, and I managed to read all the information on the signs (usually that doesn’t happen 😂) .

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Six Word Story

“I’m afraid he might say no…”

I wrote this six word story is relevance to a situation I was in. I look back at this now and realise how much I have grown since then, when asking people gave me anxiety. Anyways, with that aside, I am proud to acknowledge that this is my 100th blog post! At the start of the year, I refreshed my content and deleted some old posts that I wasn’t happy with. So technically this isn’t my 100th ever, but it is my 100th ever posted blog 🙂

Here’s to more happy blogging!


How To Make a Cute Scrunchie | Cheap & Easy

It is not often that I use this blog as a platform to share my passion for crafting, but today I would like to! I am no DIY queen but I certainly love sewing, and have done for the majority of my life. Today I will be at least attempting to show you how I made this cute Winnie The Pooh scrunchie, out of scraps.

You will need:

– fabric: you can use whatever material you have, but I coincidentally had some Winnie The Pooh fabric – left over from a previous sewing ‘project’. The size of the piece of fabric is also variable, depending on the size of your wrist. Measure the fabric around your wrist with a couple of inches spare. If it fits around your arm, it will fit around your hair at least twice.

– elastic. Also, the length depends!

– sewing machine (preferable to hand-sewing, as this scrunchie will be used day after day).

– thread: whatever matches your fabric colour, so I went for white!

– scissors

– tape measure


1. Take your fabric and fold it in half, so that the inner side is facing out. It should look like this:

Don’t worry about rough edges, we’re disguising the seam anyways.

2. Pin the fabric securely. If you don’t do this, the fabric will not match up and you will make it harder to flip it out. Which takes us onto the next step…

3. After sewing along the length of one side, take your needle out of the fabric and remove the pins. Then, with both sides open, flip your fabric inside out. We needed a knitting needle to help push it through – as the width is very small!

It should then look like this, with the seam invisible!

4. Iron the material flat. This is only a preference, but it makes it easier to sew in the elastic and it looks better!

It should now look like this ⬆️

5. My mum sewed in the elastic, but I know what to do (ish 😆). Pull the elastic through the length of the fabric tube. Bring the two ends of fabric and elastic together so that it creates the scrunchie shape. Adjust the length of the elastic to your wrist, then sew both ends together. Now you should have the bracelet shape, and all is left is to sew the fabric together.

I did not get any footage of this, but use small, close stitching to make it secure. The seam should show!

Hopefully, after a bit of messing around, you have made your scrunchie. I know this would be probably be best shown on video, but you know how I feel about talking (post link here).

This was a very quick and easy DIY to make. With scrunchies very popular at the moment, prices are getting higher. That is why I would recommend making your own, and getting crafty!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Would you like to try out this DIY?

Six Word Story

Sorry for partially bombarding you with six word stories: I’ve had a random motivation to write them recently. I hope you don’t mind, and new readers please be patient as this is not all I do XD. This one seems relatable:

They grinned but then they frowned


Bookish Rambles | The Hawkweed Prophecy, The Hawkweed Legacy


I must admit, I’ve been procrastinating writing this post for a while. The only reason is probably because I didn’t know how to sum up these books without giving you spoilers! Stay tuned though, I have finally came up with a solution that includes no spoilers…

Go and read them!

The Hawkweed Prophecy


The book certainly engaged me, as I finished it in about three days. You get quite attached to the characters, and when ‘the boy’ (remember, no spoilers) comes into the scene, you know his fate lies most certainly with one of the girls (and not the one he ends up with in the second book).

The author, Irena Brignull, was incredibly good at foreshadowing. When a massive event happened, you could really link it back to what you had read previously. Some events, however, take a nasty turn.

The first book gives you an introduction and is mainly non-violent…

The Hawkweed Legacy

…but then you get to the second book. It has a lot of chapters, crossing perspectives between characters. I love novels that are written like this, especially when you are looking back at a character’s life! There is a lot of action in the sequel, accompanied by violence. The morals in the story are also very important. When reading, focus on Raven’s relationship with everyone. The way she gets inside people and manipulates them.


I must say, these books are about witches but they’re not the standard Room On The Broom. Nor is it Harry Potter. It’s set in the modern-day world, which I find really fascinating because maybe our world does have witches in it. We are totally unaware! Isn’t that a strange thing to wonder about?

I picked these books up from the library, not expecting what I received. The covers to the books I borrowed were different to those I show you in the photos but I couldn’t find a HD version of them both on the web D:

I hope you enjoyed my book review today! I have many more to come, just as I have many more books to read! On my Pinterest you will find reading lists, if that’s something you are interested in!