Monthly Tracks (February)

I would like to start recording my top ten favourite songs from each month. In order to make sure than this post doesn’t get too long, I am going to get right into it!

I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor

I am very into indie/rock bands and you will see that it is a common factor throughout this post. Arctic Monkeys is a new obsession of mine! They have been the only artist I have been listening to for all of March so far. ‘I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor’ is a track that has been coincidently been cropping up in my life recently. In the Strictly Come Dancing Final (2018) Joe and Dianne used this track for on of their final dances! It is quite an old song now, but it will always be on my ‘happy’ playlist!

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The Sound 

Finally a song both I and my brother like! I love how electronic this sounds. The words may not be relatable for me, but with that aside, the tune is awesome. I do recommend to any pop music lovers!

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Try and smile,

When you look at the sea.

Try and smile at the waves,

When they’re blowing plastic at me.


We have no more chances,

To save the Earth.

We’d have to rebuild,

Straight from its birth.

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Present, Future, Past

Don’t look into the future: ‘what I could be’

Don’t look to the past ‘what did I see’

Look in present,

Why I am me.

Anglican Cathedral Liverpool | My Experience

Friday 21st February 

Today with my brother and mum I went to the Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool. I would first like to say to you how amazing it was to experience it all! The architecture is amazing and throughout the cathedral there were presentations and displays, telling you all about how it was built and why, who, when.


In the photograph above it is showing the bells of the cathedral. We paid around £5:00 each to go up the main tower and view the city below. You can view the bottom buildings and main part of the cathedral for free. But as the offer was on to go up, we decide we would (for photographs sake).

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Filter + Fox | Café Review

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Friday 21st February 

Today I went to the Filter + Fox cafe, Liverpool, for brunch. I am no food critic but I can certainly tell that the food was amazing in many ways. On the menu were many dishes, but the only vegetarian dish that I could see at first glance was a grilled cheese sandwich. That to you, may not seem extraordinary but it was certainly brilliant. It came with a spoonful of a lovely cafe-made sweet pickle and was served on lovely, toasted brown-seeded bread. Excuse me, but I forgot to take a photograph of the meal. Hah! I was truly very hungry.

For my drink, I had an elderflower and lemon soda. As you can imagine, it was lovely. I had never heard of such thing before, but I realise it makes so much sense to put the two flavours together!


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