Try and smile,

When you look at the sea.

Try and smile at the waves,

When they’re blowing plastic at me.


We have no more chances,

To save the Earth.

We’d have to rebuild,

Straight from its birth.


Humans are not better,

Than ants in the grass.

We all have minds,

Stop being an ass.


Plants have a conscience,

They have to live,

If maybe you’d stop taking,

They’d start to give.





Present, Future, Past

Don’t look into the future: ‘what I could be’

Don’t look to the past ‘what did I see’

Look in present,

Why I am me.

Anglican Cathedral Liverpool | My Experience

Friday 21st February 

Today with my brother and mum I went to the Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool. I would first like to say to you how amazing it was to experience it all! The architecture is amazing and throughout the cathedral there were presentations and displays, telling you all about how it was built and why, who, when.


In the photograph above it is showing the bells of the cathedral. We paid around £5:00 each to go up the main tower and view the city below. You can view the bottom buildings and main part of the cathedral for free. But as the offer was on to go up, we decide we would (for photographs sake).



This photo is showing the Lady Chapel. People were worshipping in there so I didn’t want to take to many photographs. Thankfully the sun was out, but because I only had my iPhone camera it wasn’t really very helpful to capture the stained glass. The glass was beautiful. The main windows took as long as the cathedral did, to build. That’s about 70 years.


Here is a view from the top of the tower. In this one you can see all the architecture down below, rather than the Mersey. The Edwardian houses are beautiful, you find a lovely row of them in Everton.



I didn’t really notice how cool this above photograph is, but if you look at it long enough it gives off a ‘never-ending-corridor’ kind of vibe.


A photograph of one of the spikes on the top of the cathedral



I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post! If you did, I would love to hear, in the comments, if you would ever consider paying a visit to this cathedral.


All photos in this post are taken on my iPhone SE.

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Filter + Fox | Café Review

Image result for filter and fox cafe liverpool

Friday 21st February 

Today I went to the Filter + Fox cafe, Liverpool, for brunch. I am no food critic but I can certainly tell that the food was amazing in many ways. On the menu were many dishes, but the only vegetarian dish that I could see at first glance was a grilled cheese sandwich. That to you, may not seem extraordinary but it was certainly brilliant. It came with a spoonful of a lovely cafe-made sweet pickle and was served on lovely, toasted brown-seeded bread. Excuse me, but I forgot to take a photograph of the meal. Hah! I was truly very hungry.

For my drink, I had an elderflower and lemon soda. As you can imagine, it was lovely. I had never heard of such thing before, but I realise it makes so much sense to put the two flavours together!


I went with my brother and mum. My mum and I had the exact same food, drink and everything. My brother, however, had a bacon bagel and hot chocolate.


The only problem I had with this cafe is that service time was long. I didn’t mind this, but others, I imagine, would so – especially if they’re hungry! It took half an hour for just three sandwich/toasties to get to us. I can gather that this was from low staffing. Anyways, negative points aside, it was certainly worth the wait. I really enjoyed my brunch!

If you ever come to visit Liverpool, I would recommend you go and eat in local business restaurants. It is so much nicer than the chains. especially if you are with family and friends.


And I’m finished! I really enjoyed writing a post a little bit different to normal. Lifestyle posts, for me, are hard to write. But if I perfect them I’m sure that I can engage you!

If you enjoyed this post, please like and comment. I would love to hear where you like to go for brunch!


The featured image is a photograph of Liverpool from the top of the Anglican Catherdral.

All photos in this post are taken on my iPhone SE.

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Perfection Is Procrastination

I would like to contribute my own bit of information to help spread awareness of the well-being of mental health. Every day for me is Mental Health Awareness Day, and I know as a minor sufferer of OCD that even the slightest things in our lives come out with a large impact.

Today in my English lesson I was writing a Gothic Narrative. I had write up about 100 drafts in the process of getting it to where I want it to be, and it still isn’t yet there. I found some really interesting information about how procrastination isn’t actually linked to perfectionism, but to a grudge of an emotional ‘waterfall’. I can say myself that I am very restraint of procrastination and hold a strong shield before it. Yet, it isn’t the same for all of us…


Chronic procrastinators often hold misconceptions about why they procrastinate and what it means, psychologists have discovered. Many chronic procrastinators believe they can’t get started on a task because they want to do it perfectly. Yet studies show chronic procrastination isn’t actually linked to perfectionism, but rather to impulsiveness, which is a tendency to act immediately on urges.

People may assume anxiety is what prevents them from getting started, yet data from many studies show that for people low in impulsiveness, anxiety is the cue to get going. Highly impulsive people, on the other hand, shut down when they feel anxiety. Impulsive people are believed to have a harder time dealing with strong emotion and want to do something else to get rid of the bad feeling.

Some people claim they purposely leave things to the last minute because they work better under stress, but true procrastinators get stressed out by the delay. It’s arguable whether the quality of their work is actually better than if they had started earlier.

I can’t leave possibly leave things a day after the activity has been set, and this is why often my mind is like a roasted peanut. I get told off for being such a ‘perfectionist’.

And clearly I may be a procrastinator?