Slums of Victory

‘Everyone in the streets were hurrying to and fro; their atmosphere was dark – even the brightest pink was lowered in hue to a brown, there were many clustered around the institutions peeking into the windows at attractions that were deemed horrendously entertaining and without sparing a penny to these poor families they carried along their way hastily to get out of the mess, down the dark, grey roads as if there wasn’t a space on the pavement; however, there was enough space for a gang – they prefered being under horse-foot than under the windows of Victorian London. These were the slums.’

Here’s a little paragraph of description I wrote just to flex my writing creativity a bit (not just for homework!). I look back through all my Pages documents and unfinished novels and it has come to me that I have not written like this, in a narrative, for quite a while! Anyway, this is something I did enjoy reading myself which is an added bonus.

black electric post lamp

Photo by Engin Akyurt on

I’m sorry about the lack of content both on my Instagram and blog this past week. I lay down to sleep on Wednesday evening and remembered what I hadn’t done – get a post up. I wrote on my hand in biro and kept telling myself ‘do it, do it!’ and then passed another day and so I came to the conclusion that nothing would be on ordinary schedule [oh well, you probably didn’t miss it XD]. I’ve also not been taking as many photos as daylight is slipping away from us but through this coming weekend I will do as much as I can.

As you might be aware I post on Mondays, Wednesdays (poems) and Fridays at 2:00am (UK time) it’s a bit of a funny time to schedule but that forces me to write in the days before. I’m sorry you only got one [bad] post this week.

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