Truth Is a Lie

Science is a theory proven by science therefore making it true enough to base where we come from. Because we don’t know. Maybe God did. How can we find out? We can’t.

But how far does the concept of truth go? We’ve created this words and their meanings – but how far do they reach out to others. Is truth really what we think it is? Do some people have insights into different worlds and being back information to tell us but do it sneakily in the form of ‘fictional books’.

What really is language if what only defines it is language?

A thought for you to feed on.

A Brilliant Tangent

I’ve not written in too long. My Instagram captions always seem to go off on tangents and you like those… but I can never go on a tangent if I want to! I was just lying in bed this evening thinking about how I could stay up until tomorrow doing all the things I need to and only have to shop tomorrow. Only if I weren’t tired!

I’m usually quite afar from my phone at night. It’s probably because it’s the weekend that I’ve decided to just break those rules. I suppose I am quite a healthy person with screen time but recently I found myself emerged in a game and I couldn’t stop playing it! I have three ‘games’ on my phone and I usually don’t play. These devices for me are mostly for interaction not for entertainment.

I have not edited this – which I would like to do. After I have published this post I will edit it and post it to my Instagram all finished (@kittyjadeonline)

What do you use your phone for? Everything?

Some people use theirs to read books but I find that just a bit too far. I love heading out to the library or bookshop and be able to come back and pick up a book. The real pages. And having an iPhone SE (which is the same size as a 5 or 5S) reading would be very hard on this 😂

So yes, I’ve gone off on a tangent!

Books are really special to me. Only in school recently did they start talking about genres and which genre you like the most. I realised that I really don’t have a particular idea of book that I really like/dislike. Weird?

I generally just go to the teen fiction section of my local library (the section which is very small) because no, I’m not an adult and no way am I reading Rainbow Magic 😂

I think some people assume that teenagers are procrastinators and are anti-social, prone to mental health “issues” (a topic of which I would like to talk about, especially its stereotypes). Everyone is different. This is an age where you decide who you want to be.

Anyway, I’d better get back to reading and go to sleep. I have a lot to talk about so tomorrow I’ll write some more posts? Let’s see if I remember 😆

*lots of laughing emojis later*

And if you have been DMing me (via Instagram) for collaborations I will be sending across some drafts tomorrow.

I Don’t Know My Body

I am part of my body yet I don’t know how it feels. I have to learn what’s in my body even though I live with it. It’s there, but I don’t understand every cell and I don’t speak to every nerve. I have to be reminded what all the organ systems are, even though they are in me.

My brain has a family but doesn’t know it. Yet I know of my brain. It’s very strange to think that I don’t know if I could have a disease when it’s already in me.

When I was younger, in school they said ‘this is the way your body speaks to you – by nerves’ but I am my body.

I’m in it. I’m here.

I know lots of things but they do not make my brain larger – at least I don’t think so. I know that I am writing this and breathing air but my brain doesn’t grow for every breath.

Then I have my mind. Which is something else. Science is a theory proven by science itself – so can we trust it? Maybe we’re all just ghosts.

Humans think they know everything. They think they’re above everything else. And to make our lives make sense we need to believe one thing: that it is dangerous.

We created these words ourselves but we are not intelligent. We just crave social activity. And, you may be there thinking that you hate being around other people… but you don’t like being lonely. You just need the right people.

And then comes along me, I’m writing this not thinking I’m smarter than any of you. But we’re just ghosts in the end. That’s all we can ever be because science is only proved by science. We could be characters in someone’s storybook, cells in another living being’s body – actually lets not go that far. We don’t know what is real.

I am only ever able to think about everything that relates with this. Because typing it would be making me look strange. There’s no words if it isn’t real.

I’m not great at describing – but I hope this made you think. It’s a lot to get our minds around.

That’s why belief exists. Because we don’t know what’s real or where truth began.

These words may not even be real.

Orange Leaf

Look at us lying here,

Thousands of orange hues on the floor.

What more does nature want of us?

Does it somehow want some more?


I’m crippled and dry,

Nature wants so painful to be my die.

A hundred wrinkles in my veins.

And get still whipped by the reins.


I’m dead I really am.

I’m lying here without purpose.

Yet still you expect more of me?

I’m a clown in a circus.


I’m the one people are scared of,

The one they want to die.

I don’t contribute to the funness,

Let quickly be my die.


Slums of Victory

‘Everyone in the streets were hurrying to and fro; their atmosphere was dark – even the brightest pink was lowered in hue to a brown, there were many clustered around the institutions peeking into the windows at attractions that were deemed horrendously entertaining and without sparing a penny to these poor families they carried along their way hastily to get out of the mess, down the dark, grey roads as if there wasn’t a space on the pavement; however, there was enough space for a gang – they prefered being under horse-foot than under the windows of Victorian London. These were the slums.’

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