Instagram? | It Uses Me

Yes! I have finallly caught up with you all. Yesterday I decided to finally start Instagram. As much as it’s a good promotion and all that I just wanted to post all the photography that maybe doesn’t fit in with my posts, and so you can sneak into behind the blog. Still remaining anonymous, my Instagram is a place where you can insult how bad my photography is and enjoy my childish scribbles. 


Could you possibly follow me? @kittyjadeonline

Please comment below your Instagrams so I can start following you. I’m really looking forward to having another creative outlet for my blog. *checks Instagram, is on Instagram for a long time*

Anyway, I know I’m keeping this post short, but I’ve not got much to talk about today! Make sure you stay up to date on my Instagram to see all the behind the blog, vote on my next posts and have a great time. I’m looking forward to DMing memes to y’all XD

In anticipation of yours!


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