My Dearest Media | Truth Or Consequences

‘No-one goes on Instagram to post themselves throwing up. Neither do we tweet about when we are having a bad day.’

Okay, that was the past. Now you see this over-saturated media with people filming their day. But the reality is, they cut it down to 15-20 minutes. A day is 24 hours long. I’d worry if it was shorter! 😂

People complain, or tell people about when they’re having a bad day. They hope to ‘relate’ with the audience. But who puts on make-up when they’re sick? Who has the energy to go on such a stressful program to share this stuff? Umm, well. We don’t. But those people aren’t human’s. They’re things in our screens. Unless you’re very lucky/unlucky you don’t know, personally, the main icons/personalities.

You hope what they say is true, you hope that they are reassuring you. But they don’t know a teenager with say, brown hair, green eyes and a yellow t-shirt is watching them. They just know the stats. People fake things online.

After what I said, you have no reason to trust me, as I have no reason to trust you. But we communicate like humans, some of us very talented humans, and we ‘chat’ like you would in real life. But everyone knows what life’s like. So they can fake it.

It’s not a very reassuring post, but after seeing all this fake stuff boil online I decided to take a break, try and gain some trust and begin again. Begin with a clean slate. I want to tell the media that they cause controversy, affecting most peoples lives. Negative or positive?

I woke up this morning thinking about this blog. I’m not leaving. I’m ‘break’ing. So, I have to keep writing for you to keep this hobby going. It’s a part of me now. I can’t stop without breaking altogether.

So, media, you’ve came a part of my life. I still can’t choose if you are good or bad hill to climb. I have lost my grip, but I didn’t fall too far. I’m climbing you again. The mist still covering above and below.

4 thoughts on “My Dearest Media | Truth Or Consequences

  1. Definitely an interesting post! The dichotomy between sickness and images we see is really hard, and media portrayal of anything, let alone what others say online in their blogs or in comments and such, is hard to navigate and to know what to believe. I tend to take everything with a ‘pinch of salt’, while appreciating there are two sides to every story, a story hidden underneath images. xx

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    • Thank you for your opinion on the topic 😉 I really appreciate. I’ve been feeling sick recently, but I am in the next few weeks going to start writing my blog again.
      I love your support, you are always checking up on my latest posts!
      Erin x

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  2. Three months ago I woke up and felt totally sick of everything media, especially social media. I uninstalled my messenger, logged of facebook, and stayed away from social media for over a month. Worse was my blog: I stayed away until just two days ago. The lies portrayed on the social media was subtly becoming my reality. I need to take a break and reaccess my convictions. I must say, the break was worth it.

    Daily the media shows us filters of our reality. We have to be careful we don’t join the band waggon of millenials living a lie.

    Lovely post you’ve got here.
    And I love your style of writing.

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    • What an amazing comment. We could change the world together! I am glad you took your break. Blogging is something I think has kept quite original throughout the Internet, and I love getting my scrambled words out there.
      Thanks so much Temi, I will be looking at your blog.

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