The Best Rant In The Internet | I Don’t Think…

After this ramble, I feel like I know more about where everything’s gone wrong.

I can’t keep saying “I don’t know what to write”, because, that’s old now. I am sure everyone says ‘I don’t know what to write’ when they open their Safari window and have to write for a schedule. 

The last time I opened Pages to write my blog was 6 days ago. I’ve missed writing my post for Sunday and school starts back on Wednesday (I’m writing this on Tuesday). So, what can I say…

Take a creative break? I hope I will bottle up some creativity before next time we see each other. I do have lots of ideas to write about – but the words I use aren’t consistent. I may start really well with a good opener… and end on a ‘bye’ just like that. So I’m going to rant. But… this is only part one. I decided I’d split it up so at least you’d end up reading it (and I can spread it over a few days which means bonus posts!)

I want to write, and write well. It’s been 7 long weeks since I had an English lesson (even those were practising a performance and eating cake). So I have no grammatical skill right now. And all the words coming from my keyboard are dull… and stupid.

I had this whole new schedule idea and a productive blogging notebook and a creative mind. Now the schedule is out-of-order, the notebook is at the back of the wardrobe and my only creative confidence is in drawing. I’ve not done any photography for weeks now – I never uploaded what I had taken (however my camera took a turn and a series of good angles and photoshots were destroyed by a really heavy exposure).

So most of my posts are blank, boring and not-worth-reading. That’s why no-one comments anymore, the same people like my posts…

I have some followers for philosophy (something I need to talk about more often and I think that’s where I’ve lost interest), some for poetry and some for… art? I think I will have to take a break for a week to a month and write a ton of posts and then put them out to you.

After this ramble, I feel like I know more about where everything’s gone wrong.

If you’ve stuck to the end, I congratulate you. There are too many things going around in my head right now I don’t know how this sounds.

If you’re reading this, I’ve not re-read, edited or checked this post at all. Enjoy the raw.

2 thoughts on “The Best Rant In The Internet | I Don’t Think…

  1. I know it won’t help, but I’ve felt so stuck lately and getting things on my blog has been hard. I think a ramble is good for the soul, get things out a little, see where you’re at. I think what makes things harder is having a lot of thoughts and ideas and starting a little of things (I have countless blog ‘drafts’ that I can’t bring myself to go through) and not being able to focus and settle on them one at a time. A break can be a good idea, a change of scenery and rest and all that jazz… xx

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    • Oh it did help! To know I’m in the same place as someone else. I managed to write out a few things in draft but at least there’s something wanting to write in there still.
      I’m here to support you, girl! Thanks so much for the comment. It means a lot right now! ♥️
      I hope you can get to a good point too. Have a lovely day. 😊

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