This Change Will Make Your Life Easier

Taken from blogging notebook:

I might try to designate a post to a subject but on a schedule. I’m thinking Monday for Philosophy (because that would be something my readers can think about throughout the week). Then Wednesday would be good for Poetry because it flows and is easy to read – and mid-week posts are short anyway. That leaves Friday for Art, which I believe would be a nice wind-down before bingeing your favourite TV show and eating pizza (or if you are like me then a book and chocolate!). 

However, ‘Manic Monday” may not be a good time for a long ramble seeing as everyone is caught up in their own lives anyway – so things will be voted on and are subject to change.


My focal points for this blog are Philosophy, Art and Poetry. Usually I’ll have a week of philosophical mindset and another of ‘can’t be bothered’. So if I get a variety I can still have those weeks, but they’d be spread out with variety. Say I felt really poetic, I could write 5 poems and spread them over five weeks. Do you get me?

‘so things will be voted on and are subject to change.’

I think I’ve made a decision that my posting days will be Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. that way, you’ll have time for the ramble on a Sunday afternoon, you need much attention to read the poetry in the stress of midweek… and then a windown on Fri-yay!

I appreciate all feedback to this nice little change. I’ll be talking to you about more improvements on Wednesday. See you then!


5 thoughts on “This Change Will Make Your Life Easier

  1. I think that’s very organised, logical thinking! I like it. And if you don’t feel up to it, don’t feel pressured, I know I’m happy to go with reading whatever, whenever you’re up to doing it anyway 🙂
    Caz xx

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    • I have a problem with OCD, which will in the long run lead to anxiety. People are always like ‘loosen-up’ but I can’t bear it. When I’m back from school, I do my homework ASAP. This sometimes leads me away from sports practices because I just want to get it done. I just want to do it. I suppose it’s good that I’m so on time with it… but.
      Even if it’s something due in on the next week, I’ll do it straight away.
      Thanks for the ‘no pressure’ comment, it means a lot. Xx


  2. At least you have your schedule figured out! Honestly, I’m way too unpredictable for a schedule but I might set some up too in the near future. Anyway, this sounds like a very good idea. Can’t wait for your posts xxx

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    • Ey, thank you! I love hearing that you’re okay. I have a blogging notebook and I plan each individual day…
      I have a serious issue with OCD, I will need to rant on it sometime.
      Thank you again! Have a gorgeous week!

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