I Have No Mind Of My Own

You know I really have no clue what I’m doing. I don’t really want to write right now. I just want to rest myself and get back with something new that no-one would find boring. Sadly, I’m not great at that.

Even these words as I read them again seem to make no sense. What is this post? Do you understand it?

I will hopefully have some good posts up next week! School’s out so I have a heap of time on my hands.

I’ll see you then (whenever then is). Please leave some post suggestions below!

4 thoughts on “I Have No Mind Of My Own

  1. I understand this post! When you don’t want to write and simply don’t feel up to it, it can be really hard to force it. Rest, take a break, and come back to pop something up whenever you can and feel like you want to, no pressure. As for post ideas… What you’re loving at the moment (book, film, product), gratefulness list, your opinion on news stories at the moment, anything you fancy writing about I’d love to read! 🙂

    Caz x

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    • Aww, this comment has definetly given me a boost! Thanks for the ideas and the motivation. You are too sweet, honestly. Thank you ever so much, I’ll see you with a few more posts next week! And I’ve got a whole holiday to write, write, write, so hopefully something will come of that.
      Anyways, I thank you so much!!!
      Erin xx (I need to read some of your recent posts, sorry that I’ve been lacking comments and likes. Haha, I prefer time away from my phone!) ♥️♥️

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