You Hate Me? | Poem

Hello Internet!

Sorry for the lateness in post, usually there’d be one up by now. Recently I have just been more human, talking less interest in blogging and more in art and my progression of things (school and all). Not much of an excuse, I know, but at least there’s a post today.

Yet again, out of bad luck.

No more pennies to spend,

No more lies to bend,

You’re villain, from a book.

Yet again, out of good weight.

No more pounds to put on,

No more ‘looking like a moron’,

You’re fat, and you hate.

Yet again, out of big smiles,

No more happiness to bring,

No more value to spring,

You’re evil, and you’re vile.

Yet again, out of the street,

No more insurance to pay,

No more cans to spray,

You’re storming, and you bleat.

So what I’m trying to say,

Is that you’re wrong in the moment.

That you will make a change,

But you’re anger is opponent.

This poem was not directed for any of you! You are all so amazing and supportive. Even when I’m coming and going all the time!

Have a wonderful week, all of you.

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