Can Something Come From Nothing? | Kitty Jade

Is there a basic substance that everything else is made up of?

Can something come from nothing?

We don’t know where the world came from and we will continue dismiss the fact that we need to find out to be grateful of the world around us. When you are a baby you have so many questions to ask. If a baby could talk it would probably ask things like: ‘Who are you?, ‘What is that?’, ‘What am I?’.

Those sort of questions are really worth answering. But is there an answer? Or shall we just back statements and leave them to it?

The universe comes from something, and that creator came from something etc. Does everything work in a circle or do we work in a line? With a beginning and end? Because I believe that everything comes from somewhere. Even that tiny little molecule you’re looking through – came from somewhere. So where did the universe come from?

How can nature create life and death? What is nature? These questions need to be answered so we cannot procrastinate it much longer. You are a capable person that could change the world. Your thoughts could implement History just like the people who are so famous.

Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, J.K Rowling even. The list continues…

Our generation is very idle. Our generation has brought climate change and global warming. Our generation will put an end to it all. 

Back to the main subject – can something come from nothing? My answer is no. But by saying that there is so much more to discover. I have now created another cave in my mind to fill with gold – precious thoughts. I can’t stop thinking.

Our minds must have a capacity. There must be some point where we can’t fill out minds with anymore thoughts. But before there comes a time – we die. And nature does it’s thing, again and again. Like a circle. Or are we working in straight lines?

We could work – metaphorically – like curve stitching (if you don’t know what that is then here’s what I mean). Everything has a start and an end. It can keep going round and round in straight lines – but it’s making a circle.

Every beginning and end contributes to a large circle. Those lines can go on forever. Until the end of… wait, is there and end?

Before your minds completely blow up, I’ll leave it here for today. Keep thinking.

I’ll be back to ramble more later!


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