Mrs Potato Head: An ode to self love and plastic surgery


While there’s plenty of self love songs out there, this particular one struck a cord with me because of it’s universal message and unique portrayal. Made by the queen of visuals herself, Melanie Martinez, Mrs Potato Head is no disappointment. Haunting, bizarre, yet captivating visuals? you got it.

The video itself is riddled with symbolism- let’s just say that even getting to this point in the post took a very long while. There are so many important themes to explore, so I’m going to do a bit of a lyric breakdown/ analysis sort of thing 🙂

I guess this topic is quite close to me because I struggle with loving the way I look. I’ve even considered getting a nose job in the past as a way to try and get rid of the little bump on my nose! Most of these days now, I don’t even really notice it much…

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