I’m Not Dead Yet | Social Media, School and Sadness

I’ve decided to write. What else could I do? I thought I’d go and draw in the garden but, no. I just came right back to my laptop and started writing. Maybe I don’t have Writer’s Block. Maybe that’s just the same feeling I get every week, ‘I’m not creative right now, let me watch Doctor Who in my room and shut myself from Earth for as long as possible’

As soon as I took my ‘break’, it didn’t feel better at all. You may think I’ve only been gone a day but really, I haven’t. I have been away for about half a month. Yup, not writing. And it felt awful.

When I was back at school last week (I’ve just had a half-term break), I had so many ideas racing through my head. Did I write them down? No. Of course not. I just let them fly away. For this last few weeks I definetely felt as if I was poo. I didn’t have any motivation; I stopped writing in my bullet journal; and worst of all, I’d lost my creative ‘spin’ – as it is so-called.

It feels a lot better now, I’ve started reading more and my writing hasn’t completely ditched my heart. Something’s there at least, a little tiny gut that knows what it wants to do. I’ve also given up on all other social media. I’ve left my PopJam (that’s a little art platform I’ve been on since I was 9), I’ve abandoned my Pinterest and taken no attention to YouTube. I’m not very well noticed on these things – I don’t grab attention as I used to. But it’s no good taking a break because I’ve not even began to climb the mountain yet. I’m just hydrating myself and doing some preparation before the hike begins.

It seems that everyone wants to be a full-time YouTuber now, or a blogger (wait, is blogging kind of dead now?). These platforms are now getting ‘over-saturated’, as you may say. But I guess it’s too awesome to miss. I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up, but I think YouTube or Instagram is a good start for people. You can begin to earn money by just being stupid – but that’s where the world is going wrong.

I’m not going to write for much longer. 

No, I’m really not, am I that engaging you keep reading?

Well then, have a wonderful day!


4 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead Yet | Social Media, School and Sadness

  1. Hey this is totally relatable. I felt like that before too, not having my creative spin. Hopefully you find your spark soon, you always do! And you’re quite right about the whole “blogging is dead,” because most people don’t like reading this days. But I still love it! xx

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    • Aww! Thank you for the wonderful feedback! I think blogging is, personally, better than a YouTube channel – I think you can put more ‘heart’ into it, rather than filming your face.
      Hey thank you! You are so wonderful.
      Have a lovely day xoxo

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  2. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so naff. I get that lack-of-motivation and total abandon of creativity, too. Not quite sure what to do when then happens, apart from get away for a while, regenerate and get some space for ideas and energy to ‘flow’ a little better. I watch stuff on YouTube but that’s as far as it goes; I do agree some make money from stupidity (maybe I’m jealous in wishing I jumped the bandwagon years ago doing something idiotic and making a fortune for it!!) I do hope you’re feeling brighter in yourself soon – blogging isn’t dead, I love your blog and I want to keep reading! 🙂
    Caz x

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    • Aww, thank you. It’s lovely to know that someone is in that hole sometimes too! I watch ‘motivational’ videos on YouTube but most of them are just a bundle of junk.
      I have managed to keep to my schedule, even on the break! I think I now just need to sit and write, write, write!
      Sorry I haven’t had the time to keep reading your blog posts, but they help me ‘wind-down’ (especially if they are the nice diary ones – but all of them are great!
      Have a wonderful day!!!

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