I Have Writer’s Block.

I have Writer’s Block, but here’s a post anyways:

I’m going to, today, tell you about my star sign – and what it means to me.

“Virgo is the perfectionist, the craftsperson, the hard worker and the analytical one. Virgo is here to serve self and others in a meaningful way. Virgo sees the problem and addresses it. Virgo is organized, competent and resourceful. Virgo may need a mentor and can become one too. Virgo shines bright when it has a large project that it can sink its teeth into. Virgo makes the perfect employee, as it wants to serve the highest good. Virgo is an earth sign.

Virgo needs to work on the belief that no one is perfect, that most of the time it’s good enough as it is and to release criticalness. You are a bonified weirdo, it’s true! You have an unconventional upbringing, but since then you’ve come into your own as an amazing, wonderful, weirdo. You like to go against the grain of society, you’re a cliff diver, a trailblazer, a true revolutionary. You can win anyone over with those big doe eyes and charming smile of yours! You don’t take life to seriously and that’s what makes you most attractive! You have a Yellow personality! According to Dr. Carol Ritberger, this means that you are an independent, creative person. You tend to think outside the box, and you greatly value your freedom. You are vibrant and friendly. Dr. Ritberger adds that as a Yellow, you tend to hold stress in your abdominal area, and when you feel out of control, you are prone to tension headaches. You are quiet, mysterious, loyal and you keep to yourself. You enjoy the fact that others can’t peg you down. You’ve been the underdog at times in your life, but you don’t feel overly compassionate for people who are currently in that position. After all, perseverance toughens you up. In your opinion there is no difference between good and evil, only the will to do what needs to be done. Being loyal is great and all, but try not to make any promises that you can’t keep.”



‘We Will Remember Them’

I’d also like to add into this post that I currently have Writer’s Block. I just cannot write anything that I like or anything that makes sense. I do not, however, have artist’s block! Hopefully I can do a few photo and art dumps to fill in this space that I can’t write into.

I won’t be keeping to my schedule this week, I’ll be taking a break (yes, yet another!). I hope you do not mind, and I also hope that we can get to 100 followers soon! We are so close!

Have a wonderful week without my dreadful writing,


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