There’s No Such Thing As Happily Ever After

I’m not crazy – I’m just unique. Let me ramble for a bit as I discuss life in general.

Not everyone is beautiful. It’s just the solid truth. Never a day goes by when we don’t stop in the mirror and point out our imperfections to ourselves. Society has you gripped to looking ‘beautiful’. They swerve things in unnoticed directions and we start to buy these ‘beauty’ products. That’s only because those ugly b**ches want money. Of course, if that’s your trade you want the world to buy your products. Your ‘beauty’ products.

The things that don’t actually make you beautiful but allow you to appear to society as a ‘pretty’ one. This is the world’s issue.

So already we know why not everyone is beautiful. Because some people are downright horrid and ugly. That is why the statement cannot exist. 

When you are born, you have beauty within you. It’s your choice whether to let that grow or not. Your other option is to let that wrinkle away inside of you until you become scared.

However, the seed is still within you. If you’ve done wrong or placed a foot in the wrong path then it’s only YOU that can water that seed and start it growing again. Because no-one knows how you feel. No-one can interact with your heart and soul like you do. So begin your second, minute. hour or day with that positive, beautiful vibe.

Depression and anxiety are the only barriers keeping you away from that. I say, go and tackle them; fight them; do whatever you can to defeat those tiny mental beasts before they defeat you. There’s no time to rest with them mingling with your brain. Try and find at least one way out of these Hunger Games.

And the game begins. The blow of a horn and you’re off again – no chance to stop lying around with someone trying to ‘kill’ you. Kill your beautifullness, and your righteous attitude. It’s there – being munched away. Only if there was weed-killer for the brain.

Courage is the first step to great success. As long as you have courage…

I’m going to leave the rest to you, my reader. I’m going to let you finish this story with your ideal happily ever after.

The end.

3 thoughts on “There’s No Such Thing As Happily Ever After

  1. This post was beautifully written. I must say I loved how real you were in writing this. I am looking forward to reading more and hope you will check out my site as well. I aim to encourage and inspire others through my posts!!

    Liked by 1 person

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