Two Words That Will Kill Us All

Who’s going to change the world if you don’t? Your plans, schemes to make earth a happier place will vanish – if you don’t start now. Think about every thing you see, it’s not all to standards. We can never be perfect, but getting close is our aim.

People dropping litter. If you see it happening, pick up what they dropped and put it in the bin. If you can, have a word with them and say what they’ve done wrong. Get in touch with local newspapers or make leaflets and posters for shops to hand out and promote your change. Start now.

An over-use of paper and glue in your school. Our’s could win a medal in this. Write to The Head, talk to your teachers. Try and sort out a reasonable using of these things.

You using too much electricity and paper. Make the most of your space. Charge your phones and tablets only when you need to. Switch off plug sockets when they are not in use. Even if the lamp’s not on – if it’s plugged in it can still be using electricity.

Climate change and global warming has really hit us in the last couple of years. ‘Why all the humidity, I mean, in England – really?” the answer to that one my friend is in fact: global warming. Two words that will kill us all.

Look around you right now. Is there anything there that is affecting the issue? Maybe you have a light on that doesn’t need to be used – or a device on it’s lock screen wasting it’s batttery percentage? Are there some unnecessary plugs switched on?

Think – you know what thought did. Helped us and demolished us. But you can make the right decision, I see it in you.

Choose to be smart. Even a wise man knows he doesn’t know everything. 

With a lot more to say,


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