Monday 28th May 2018 | Diary

Monday 28th May 2018

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was a wonderful day: I just relaxed, no schedule, no going anywhere, just staying right where I was, doing want I wanted.

I woke up surprisingly late (8:00) but that didn’t bother me. I went on a walk with my mum bright and early, which was lovely. We both had our little natters and I started the day off on a high – not to go down!


When I got back, I went to open my laptop and start writing. I had two posts in mind, so I wrote two posts! I flowed into everything and it was hard to stop, so I didn’t until I needed to do so. I then went to do a bit of cardio excercise and stretching. That really woke me up.

Afterwards my dad and I made lunch. My brother, Jonathan (mini-shoutout to his YouTube channel as I’m a good sister), and mum were at my Auntie’s, but I stayed home doing pleasure activities XD I really badly wanted a day at home.


After lunch I sat down and had a chat with dad until Jon and mum got back. It was a family day – that day. I then proceeded to do some colouring and drawing, to get my hands moving (for the first time in forever)!

I made a crazy iMovie Trailer from all the photos I’d taken that day – I had a mini explore of my back garden to find inspiration – when I started snapping I never stopped.

It was a perfect afternoon: I sat with my books and had a good read in the garden. (Now how bliss is that?) Then I went to make dinner with dad and Jon. In the evening we all sat down to a bit of comedy and eventually fell asleep.

Did you have a good Monday? I very much hope you did!


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