Can Something Come From Nothing? | Input Collaboration With Luna’s Lament

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My good friend, Luna, made an input on my recent philosophy post. I thought it would be a lovely idea to collaborate and so far it has been a wonderful process! We both have massively differentiated opinions on this topic, and I found it very intriguing to write and read! make sure to stick to the end.

Can Something Come From Nothing? – Part One

Hello, my name is Luna, your author and for today’s post I am doing a collaboration with my good friend Erin on philosophy! To understand this post, please go back and read Erin’s previous post titled ‘Can Something Come From Nothing?’ I hope you enjoy our collaboration.

Ok, sooooooooooooo… I guess first I should mention that I have been a Christian my entire life. I’m not really sure what you believe in, or maybe you don’t believe in anything, everyone has to make that choice on their own. So, I guess, if you want answers on the universe from my view, just keep in mind that this is what I personally believe and I don’t want to offend anyone in any way.

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On Respecting Personal Boundaries and Family

Little rambles that mean the world – find out more on Just Elm.
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Just Call Me Elm or Something

Trigger warnings: this post mentions self-harm, suicidal thoughts, potential alcoholism and a description of a panic attack. Please don’t read this post if these topics make you feel very uncomfortable or trigger you.

On the morning of my English exam, I found out that my mum had told my sister that I’d used a dating app to talk to girls and that I’d met someone on there. It was only because my sister had started to use Tinder and was feeling really nervous /happy about it. I didn’t get angry: I just asked them to respect my personal boundaries. As I’m still feeling quite defensive about my identity, I wanted to be the one to tell my sister. After a brief argument, in which all of us got slightly irritated, it was resolved and I went on to do that exam. When I came home, things were okay – more…

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Can Something Come From Nothing? | Kitty Jade

Is there a basic substance that everything else is made up of?

Can something come from nothing?

We don’t know where the world came from and we will continue dismiss the fact that we need to find out to be grateful of the world around us. When you are a baby you have so many questions to ask. If a baby could talk it would probably ask things like: ‘Who are you?, ‘What is that?’, ‘What am I?’.

Those sort of questions are really worth answering. But is there an answer? Or shall we just back statements and leave them to it?

The universe comes from something, and that creator came from something etc. Does everything work in a circle or do we work in a line? With a beginning and end? Because I believe that everything comes from somewhere. Even that tiny little molecule you’re looking through – came from somewhere. So where did the universe come from?

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I Wish I Could Be an Optimist Again.

I’m stuck in my thoughts and there’s no fire exit, no hero coming to save me. I’ve only got myself.

I hate being in this mindset.

I wish I could be an optimist again.


Yesterday morning I woke feeling very, well, sad (I guess). I hopped in the shower, still not really awake, not knowing what was wrong with me. Then I started thinking so hard that my salty tears scented the heat of the shower rushing down over me. I honestly didn’t know what was wrong. I didn’t feel anxious – I just felt sad and slightly scared. Of what? I keep going back to that moment when all I could smell were my tears, and I still don’t know.

I began to come over this awkward feeling I had. My morning, for the most part, led out to it’s average state. Except:

My thoughts got a-hold of me as I was walking to the bus stop. The cool breeze snapped me back into that moment – in the shower. But this time I felt really pure. I felt a feeling that I haven’t felt in so long. It felt so beautiful…


Guess what happened after that? My incredible mind got me thinking too hard – again. I came into a sudden ‘trance’. I thought that this glorious happiness I was feeling was because something bad was going to happen. My mind thinks way beyond, when will come the time when there’s no capacity for anymore knowledge? Or, we could say, overly-thinking thoughts.

It felt like the most genuine smile I’d had in a long time.

Yet I was only yesterday.