After School//Revise with me (4 hours)

I’ve been so busy revising I haven’t had time to post for you guys! But as this ties in with the topic I am struggling by – I though it would be a great* post for you, my lovelies.

*this is better than great! I love the post so much and the method has helped me a ton.

hideaway girl

Hi everyone! I’ve started my GCSEs this week so I haven’t been able to finish off this blog post which I started last week which is from revision that I’ve done a week ago but anyways, I hope you enjoy it and please tell me in the comments if you want another revision type sort of post.

Whenever I’m revising, I like to have a nice drink before hand (which I would prefer to be alcohol but you know, I can’t really do that) so I had a nice iced latte from the local Co-Op. While drinking, my mum likes to talk to me and we talk about what’s happened at school or work and it’s lovely to be in a relaxed mindset ready for that revision as I feel like if I don’t talk through the gossip/troubles about school, it really builds up while revising so it’s always a…

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