“Unnerve, Re-Think, Cleanse”| Poetry | Kitty Jade

“We’re having a philosophical debate at the table,

Just considering the fact that life’s unstable.

Don’t unwind, 

You know it’s your mind,

Unleash, release, cleanse.


Take it off, it’s pulling you down,

Bringing all the thoughts around.

Don’t breathe,

You know it’s your leave,

Unwind, relax, cleanse.


We’re shaking off the moves from last night,

Taking all the heave and bringing it to light.

Don’t cry,

You know it’s why,

Unnerve, rethink, cleanse.”

Hello Again Internet!

I hope you yet again enjoyed the retrospective end of this telescope. The range is reaching further so I decided to get some poetry from my brain! (Yes, I did write some poetry that was pretty decent XD)


All feedback is appreciated, I love looking through your perspective too 😉

‘Unwind, relax, cleanse.’

Have a great week, xoxo

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