Dump Of The Month! | New Ideas

I’ve decided to start a new ‘thing’ called ‘Dump Of The Month’. I will use it only when I don’t know how to write. Usually I’ve got all the ideas, but not the artistry of putting it down in the way it is in my head XD

This is one of those things, and one of those times. So instead of rambling I give you a hella load of photos to look though 😉

I’d also like to say one massive thank you for 50 followers! It has taken a while, but it’s been one great journey 😉


I’ve started hand lettering…

img_1513img_1559img_1571img_1570If you haven’t already gathered from the lighting in these photos, Spring has finally sprung – with Summer along with it!


7 thoughts on “Dump Of The Month! | New Ideas

  1. Lovely photos, though I’d say a “dump of the month” is something to see your doctor about! Hahah I’m allowed to use potty humour as I have a stoma.
    Congrats on your followers, that’s fab – you have another as I follow now too 🙂
    Caz xx

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