Novel Extract | Sneak Peek!| Pt. 2

Hello Internet!

I will now be posting twice a week, Monday and Wednesday but occasionally Saturday too.

I have been working slightly on my novel. These are just rough drafts and I of course need to go over the storyline but for now this is just the brief.


Feel welcome to edit and send this back to me, creative criticism is part of the trade. My emails are linked here and here!

Before you start reading this extract, go on over to my previous Sneak Peek! We would not like any spoilers ;P

“Everyone just circled around me, shouting and swearing. I had no idea…

I woke up, reality hit me again, it was the first day of Middle School, no gang, no anger. I was sitting on that very same bus I had day-dreamed off from. A young-looking boy was sitting next to me, I presume he must be in his first year too. I looked at the bag in front of his feet: it was quite ‘nerdy’, it had Star Wars patches on it and nothing was hanging out. 

I turned to him.

‘How are you? This you first day too?’

‘Yeah…’ he awkwardly exclaimed before averting his eyes out of the window.

I was being very awkward, the first thing I warn you NOT to do on your first day is to be friendly. Keep yourself to yourself.

I peered below my feet at my bag too. It was very plain, just black, with Adidas stripes. However things were hanging out of mine: my notebook, tag and everything.

I looked back at his, again.

His lanyard was hooked around the top handle… Eyre Brookes, it said.

Eyre Brookes, one line I will never forget.

Eyre Brookes…”

In rights of Kitty Jade, please DO NOT take this extract to any other platform.

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