Here We Go Again | I Am Back!

You’d never think of Erin… well, procrastinating. But I have. It’s my mistake but also I think it’s a good thing that I’ve dedicated my time to my art and stuff.

So, I have been redundant to opening Pages and just writing. I have really had no motivation to write a blog. I have written continuously on my novel, like you will/have seen. But blogging just hasn’t sprung to mind.


I love having a chat in the comments and seeing likes and followers raise as I continue on my journey through writing.

It’s just that hasn’t happened recently. I have gripped to a complete halt. The only motivation I get to carry on is seeing you ‘liking’ and commenting on my posts. But of course, that can’t happen when there’s no post.


So, kaboom, goes my motivation and sprinkling over the top a bit of procrastination. I have done a whole essay on this – for guilt. I never procrastinate with homework or anything that gets me anxious because if I leave it… here slides anxiety in to the unmotivated, guilty mess.
However, now, I am partially – officially – back. For as long as I can. I will push myself to write, write, write. And there we have it – some posts for you all to enjoy, and for myself too.

And feedback down below about my month’s hiatus is appreciated 🙂 I happy that we can ‘chat’ again! I have dearly missed the majority of you (and your positive vibes).

I send all the love wrapped in a big hug!


P.S I have lots of fun posts coming your way 😉 Watch this space

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