Gender Stereotypes | Storytime

If I ever waited until I felt like writing, I wouldn’t write.

Hey Internet!

It’s time again, for another mini-story. I’ve been enjoying reading posts like this on others blogs so I though I’d give one good old try.

‘No-one’s ever seen me. Enclosed in my mind for days – I forgot to count. No-one has ever seen who I really, really want to be. They’ve never seen the geeky fan girl that I am. Ever since I was eight years old, I just had to blend in. I couldn’t have any boys as friends; I couldn’t wear the things I wanted; and I had to be this ‘girl’ I dreaded ever being. I just wasn’t strong enough. The power was in me, I knew it was there, but the fears of standing out – they beat everything I empowered myself with.

‘For a while, I had nowhere to begin, no-where to start learning and growing from my true self. I was ‘one of them’ until I had the power to stand up.

‘Even now though, there’s not much choice for me. I want to wear my brother’s clothes and shop in what’s classed as a ‘boys shop’. I hate gender stereotypes: they beat you and bruise you until there’s nothing left to hold.

‘Why did I let this take over me? I still have no answer. Laughter was the only ingredient that stood me in my place.

‘I want to stop these gender barriers – these crazy boy/girl rules.

‘Because I, and all of us, have the power.’

That story back there, that I just wrote… shocked myself. I never knew how powerful it could really be. It’s sort of based on my own experience of gender boundaries, that until this day I still hate.

Use your voice to make a good change, it’s too easy to be an idiot.

Best wishes,

Erin xoxo


I told you I’d take a break, for a bit, but this needs to be heard.

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