Goodbye – For Now

I think I should just write.

I know I haven’t done so for a while, and I’m sorry. But the words escaped me, gone, in a moment. Click, click, blank.

For nearly a week I haven’t posted, but it was for my own good. I think I just need to take a break. I’ll write enjoyable posts all through this month and then in May I’ll kickstart right back at you with loads of posts I am actually happy with.

…Because these recent posts have just been me under pressure, having to write. So I’ve not been creatively letting this hobby flow. But this wonderful community is part of my ambition, something I should enjoy. So I’ll do just that – for you, for me.

I’m sorry that it’s taken me a while to come to terms with ‘a break’. I know I need it to make this blog better, but I hate to leave you.

I won’t completely disappear, I’ll be checking on my blog emails and still be reading and replying to your lovely feedback.

However, just for now,


2 thoughts on “Goodbye – For Now

  1. Hey, SkyGirl! I hope you enjoy your break. It’s not easy writing the awesome content you post often. I always think your blog is so relaxing, interesting, and very relatable!~ I’m going to begin publicizing my blog soon so I’ve been editing and editing! (I’m not asking you to publicize it, before you thought that’s were this was heading by the way XD) I was wondering, would you consider proof-reading my stories before I share them with other people and totally make a fool of myself? XP Thanks Anyways. Love, Snips!~

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    • Hey Snips! Nice to hear from you 🙂 I had a very enjoyable break and I’m back to posting again! Aww, thank you, glad you think so! I love your blog too ❤️ I will happily proof read your stories! I’m sure you wouldn’t make a fool of yourself though xD I may not be able to proof read every one (depending on how many you will be posting per week) but if you drop by an email I’ll be sure to do as many as I can 😉
      Thank you for letting me know- I cannot wait to keep reading your stories.
      Have a great time writing!
      Love from, your fren, SkyGirl xx


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