Here We Go Again | I Am Back!

You’d never think of Erin… well, procrastinating. But I have. It’s my mistake but also I think it’s a good thing that I’ve dedicated my time to my art and stuff.

So, I have been redundant to opening Pages and just writing. I have really had no motivation to write a blog. I have written continuously on my novel, like you will/have seen. But blogging just hasn’t sprung to mind.

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Gender Stereotypes | Storytime

If I ever waited until I felt like writing, I wouldn’t write.

Hey Internet!

It’s time again, for another mini-story. I’ve been enjoying reading posts like this on others blogs so I though I’d give one good old try.

‘No-one’s ever seen me. Enclosed in my mind for days – I forgot to count. No-one has ever seen who I really, really want to be. They’ve never seen the geeky fan girl that I am. Ever since I was eight years old, I just had to blend in. I couldn’t have any boys as friends; I couldn’t wear the things I wanted; and I had to be this ‘girl’ I dreaded ever being. I just wasn’t strong enough. The power was in me, I knew it was there, but the fears of standing out – they beat everything I empowered myself with.

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Goodbye – For Now

I think I should just write.

I know I haven’t done so for a while, and I’m sorry. But the words escaped me, gone, in a moment. Click, click, blank.

For nearly a week I haven’t posted, but it was for my own good. I think I just need to take a break. I’ll write enjoyable posts all through this month and then in May I’ll kickstart right back at you with loads of posts I am actually happy with.

…Because these recent posts have just been me under pressure, having to write. So I’ve not been creatively letting this hobby flow. But this wonderful community is part of my ambition, something I should enjoy. So I’ll do just that – for you, for me.

I’m sorry that it’s taken me a while to come to terms with ‘a break’. I know I need it to make this blog better, but I hate to leave you.

I won’t completely disappear, I’ll be checking on my blog emails and still be reading and replying to your lovely feedback.

However, just for now,