Art Is Behind Everything Theory | Pt. 2/3

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are well 🙂

Today we’re continuing the ‘Art Is Behind Everything’ theory/debate because you all seemed to enjoy it. Last time I used a slightly cartoony way of sharing the debate but I didn’t quite like it. So let’s stick to the ‘normal (?)’ way of writing.

Art could be like this... *My drawing, not copied*

It’s time you knew why our world exists, yet still, it’s mystery. Our beloved Stephen Hawking was on the way to the solution but in these past weeks he has sadly slipped through our fingers. Discarding the mathematical side of things his theory revolved around the fact that in the beginning It was all a black hole. That we grew bigger and bigger before a similar situation to the Big Bang Theory occurred. That’s just brief, I’m not going to ramble or go really scienc-y for those people who’s head may explode.

Art is everything, I believe. Pencil on paper isn’t the whole concept. Photography, writing, music, architecture; they’re the more well-known subjects. But religious studies is art, so is science and maths. An abstract stretch to it.

But beyond school subjects…


Letters are artwork. These weird shapes we understand and can speak from. They’re just shapes, but they’re works of art.

...or this.

Nature, is certainly art. Humans and their way of moving, talking, breathing, writing, is fascinating. We are capable of so much if we try. TRY. The metamorphosis of a butterfly is truly magical. The delicacies of a leaf, flower, or any plant, is hard to grasp. The way it occurs in this world so quickly, and elegantly.

Art is everything. There’s no boundaries. You can think, let’s say, a pencil. Someone designed that. Designing is art. The way they might of moved there hands to create a brief sketch of our everyday tool, is fantastic.

You say you’re not an artist? You are. Everyone is in there own way. (Unless we’re counting the idiots who pull everything down for us, being mean and spinning lies – yet we’re not counting those, because they don’t count in a world where we’re capable of love).

So think, ask, and find that is art behind everything.

Have a great week!

Erin xoxo


- Dr. Seuss

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