DIY Easy Easter Treats | No-Bake Chocolate Nests

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Easter is certainly here and that not only means chocolate, but baking. However, you would prefer quick and easy treats that can be prepared in an instant because time is hard to manage at this busy time of year. This recipe is completely vegetarian unless you are adding gummy sweets not chocolate to decorate (but who honestly would, eh?). 

Let’s be nostalgic and go back a few years to when you used to make ‘Mini Egg’ chocolate nests with your mum. These treats can get so much morethan just chocolate in an instant.

To make you no-bake cakes you will need:

  • Dark chocolate (this is better for you and is easier to add spices)
  • ‘Mini Eggs’ or similar chocolate bites.
  • ‘Shredded Wheat’


  • Spices or similar additions like cinnamon, coffee or chilli powder.
  • A pan
  • Glass bowl
  • Boiling water (for your double-boiler)

And let’s get started!

  • Firstly, after gathering your ingredients, set up a double-boiler to melt your chocolate bar. Depending on how many nests you would like to make, depends on the amount of chocolate.
  • It’s best to do this with a friend! One of you can melt it whilst the other crushes the Shredded Wheats biscuits.
  • Now, to jazz up your plain chocolate, add some spice into it whilst it’s melting, stirring in a bit at a time before it completely melts.
  • After this, take your chocolate off the heat and add the crushed Shreddies to the bowl. Stir carefully making sure to not completely crush your cereal. Once this has finished you can take a cheeky bite of the plain mixture! *I did and I’m not too guilty yet…*
  • Before your chocolatey mess sets, quickly add the mixture to the amount of cupcake cases as you want nests. I placed them in a cupcake tin to keep them sturdily upright, but it’s up to you; this isn’t essential. (If you were to make a lot more mixture, add them to muffin cases and you could place a Creme Egg in the middle!)
  • It’s time to decorate! You could use Mini Eggs, one Creme Egg, OR be super healthy and use nuts. But it’s Easter… people.


  • Now you could either place them in the fridge for super-quick setting or leave them for a few hours in the kitchen. Make sure to get them to room temperature before serving! (Otherwise you might break you teeth, no joke there).

Have you had a great time (non-) baking? If you created a masterpiece please contact me via email! I love to look through your creations.


And if you have any traditional bakes you make very year, please let me know down below!

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